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You won't find this team on the Grand Tours or in the Classics - They live where rubber meets road, wherever there's a new energy in racing. This is a team that transcends urban landscapes and creative movements - seeing the bicycle as a form of communication. This is Team Cinelli Chrome.

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Team Cinelli Chrome

They carry their own bags, wrench on their own bikes and bandage their own wounds. We outfit them with gear and get them to the line, but the determination and intensity comes from inside. We're fans and we're stoked to partner with Cinelli and support the Team Cinelli Chrome riders from one international race to another.

The Team

We're self-sufficient, semi-organized and hella fast fixed crit riders. We come from all over the world, getting together at crits from Brooklyn to Barcelona and beyond to ride fast, push hard and maybe have a couple of beers in the process.

Our Sponsors

We don't just put names on our jerseys arbitrarily. We pick each sponsor because of a shared philosophy, an attitude. They are committed to bringing our movement to the world.