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In the Works

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Chrome Pedal Series

Since launching our first footwear collection in 2009 our mission has always been clear: Create a line of indestructible sneakers and boots, designed for 24/7 wear, with low-profile performance that works both on and off the bike. From our collab with the legendary Panaracer Tires, to reviving some iconic favorites, our Chrome Pedal Series is designed to keep you pedaling further and faster on pedals and terrain of all kinds. Clip in to the future of Chrome footwear.

Night Series

All reflective, all the time. From apparel to bags to shoes to accessories, we’ve added a bunch of new hits to our Night Series Collection, featuring everything from full reflective panels to 360º Hi Viz reflectivity, so you can be seen from head to toe.

Performance Layers

Long sleeves, short sleeves, vests, jackets.. we’re stoked to launch our new Chrome layers made with recycled and sustainably sourced fabrics that are breathable, heat regulating, anti static, moisture-wicking and quick-drying for ultimate, 365 day performance.

Fast and Light

Our exploration into making the lightest and toughest gear possible. Taking inspiration from the heavy duty construction of our cities, our new Tensile Collection is all about structure and strength. Built from a recycled, lightweight, laminated ripstop nylon and finished with our Truss 5 Bar Construction for continuous reinforcement, the Tensile Collection is built to withstand the wear and tear of the daily mission. Guaranteed for life.