• Women's Seneca Short in Castle Rock  - hi-res view.
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Women's Seneca Short

Product # AP-410
$58.97 $90.00

  • Our best short tailored for Women
  • Contured waist for extra comfort
  • Zipper-secure pocket keeps stuff in place
  • Everest 4 way stretch - 5" inseam
  • 47% Cotton, 42% Nylon, 11% Spandex
  • Form Meets Function

    Built from DWR-treated, water and wind resistant cotton/poly Everest 4 way stretch material that feels closer to stretch denim than it does to performance fabric, the Seneca looks and feels like your everyday pair of shorts, but you know us, we’ve always got that something extra. We added a hidden reflective patch in the pockets that only shows when you’re on-bike, a secret, secure zip pocket in the rear and a contoured waistline for coverage when you’re down in the drops. The Seneca is our ultimate pair of urban commuter shorts. Ride hard, look dope while you do it.

    • Zipper-secured extra pocket keeps your stuff in place
    • Rear pocket with reflective reveal for better visibility
    • 5" inseam
    • 47% Cotton, 42% Nylon, 11% Spandex
    • Front coin pocket
    • Contoured stretch waistline for extra coverage and comfort
  • Size Natural Waist (IN) Hip (IN)
    0 25 35
    2 26 36
    4 27 37
    6 28 38
    8 29 39
    10 30 40
    12 31 41
    14 32 42
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  • These are legitly my favorite shorts


    I love the pockets! I love that when I arrive at my destination, I can put my wallet in my back pocket! I love the length on these shorts, these hit me a LIL above mid-thigh, because I love to let the thigh meat breathe in the summer but no sneaky cheek peek! The waistband on the seneca shorts has a lil more give than the rest of the library of Chrome shorts, which helps me because I am not waif thin with a decent muffin top of joy. The drawbacks are these are not sized for an average American woman, maybe it's because these are geared towards cyclists who tend to be thinner I guess. Like I am 5'2", 39"hips 155ish and the size 12s fit me, if I was taller with equal proportions, I'm sure I wouldn't be able to wear any shorts/pants in the womens Chrome collection. These are my legit favorite shorts to bike in, and I'm so glad Chrome made them available in black as well as grey, because if you like me are under the BloodMoon every 30 days, you always feel a little better about appearing in public if you're wearing black shorts. Also they're great for picnics if you don't want grass stains. Basically nothing shows up on black shorts. It's great. I am terrified these shorts will be discontinued at some point and the the 4 pairs I own will still not be enough.

    San Jose, CA


    Good looking and comfortable


    These shorts are great looking and comfortable, true to size .. very good quality material


    shorts you can wear!


    versatile pair of shorts, great to have women't shorts with a full complement of pockets and usability. Wish the pockets were full like they are in men's shorts, but they're already better than most. Like, I can fit my phone in the back pocket, which is worth the price of entry! And, they work for men who don't want to look like some mid90s skater


    Perfect gift the one you ride with


    Bought these for the wife as she didn't have a decent pair of civilian shorts to ride in. She wore them 3 days straight. She like never does that with any clothing. Absolutely loved them. Highly recommend.


    So much promise, Terrible fit (size 4)


    I was super psyched to get these- the features/material seemed so promising, BUT they fail to function properly. I really question wether Chrome actually looked at any women's bodies for how to design the fit/cut?!? ...It seems like they just guessed. I'm usually a size 4, sometimes a 6 (my waist is a 2, my hips/booty are more like a 4-6... but I tend to just wear items at my hips instead of waist due to this). I got a 4 in these shorts and they seemed ok trying them on, the reflective pocket edge / material they're made out of swayed me to keep them. I was super excited to wear them but when I did, they non-stop road up on me: both annoying and uncomfortable. AND, because I wore them I can't return them, so now I have a $90 pair of shorts, worn 1x, that really just... suck. Who wants shorts constantly creeping up their crotch? Not me. I love my Chrome bags, & am glad Chrome's attempting to have women's clothing, but honestly the sizing/fit/cut needs to be workshopped so much more. These feel like men's shorts (one of my guy friends said he'd wear them if they were longer). Maybe Chrome should do away when gender for their bottoms & have a slim fit & a 'I've got curves' fit, & a "I've got curves+" fit. I'd love for Chrome to be inclusive in their sizing & the demographic out there looking shorts you can bike it. Some women commented that they believed there was an issue with sizing above a sz 10, I think it's across the board...

    Chicago, IL



    3.8 9