• Urban Ex 10L Sling Bag in Red / Black - large view.
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Urban Ex 10L Sling Bag

Product # BG-258-RDBK-NA

  • 100% welded waterproof sling bag
  • Dedicated U-lock holster
  • Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack
  • 600d poly, 420d nylon with TP
  • Lightest and toughest sling out there
  • A Bag Built for the City

    The Urban Ex collection was designed for one purpose. Keeping your stuff out of the elements. Our knurled-welded technique makes for some of the lightest, toughest and most waterproof seams out there. With the Urban Ex Sling we built a low-profile, crossbody sling bag ideal for those who need to be on the go in any situation. The Urban Ex Sling has plenty of interior org as well as enough room to fit an iPad with extra gear in the main compartment and a dedicated U-lock holster on the back to keep everything on lock all day long.

    • Interior org panel in main compartment
    • Dedicated U-lock holster
    • Waterproof PU zip quick access pocket
  • Size 9" H, 14.75" W, 3.75" D Volume 10L Weight 1.05 LBS Laptop Size iPad
  • Not worth it, without some redesign.


    I love my other Chrome bags to death but this one falls flat. Here is why: - The "lightweight" buckle just feels super cheap and lets the strap slip too easily. - The strap length is like obnoxiously long, to the point where it hangs in a big loop. - The lack of a cross body strap means this constantly falls off my back and onto my chest when biking (like every 15m even when tightened as much as possible). - Opening and closing the main compartment sucks! There is no correctly positioned loop to resist the pull force on the zipper, so the whole bag just folds/bends and the zipper jams. To fix this bag: - Offer the real buckle, and throw in the plastic one for free for those concerned with weight. - Add better /more side-loops or rigidity/structure to the bag for the zipper to work properly. - Cross body strap is a must, I know its a "Sling" but the strap could at least be there for when you need it, (tuck away pocket or pouch?) P.S. Yes the materials are nice and it is well made, no quality issues in that respect. Also the size is right, and the look is tight. That is the reason I wanted it in the first place.





    Perfect size for when I dont want to use my full size backpack. Excellent sling and super light weight.


    Pretty good


    I like everything about this other than it doesn't have a strap for stability to keep it in place when you load it up. Most of the time you can just tighten the strap as hard as you can but if your load is heavy that won't really work. I got this for longer rides to keep like water n snacks n easy fix stuff that might happen on the road. For that it works fine.


    Disappointing shoulder/strap design


    I love the look and usability of the bag itself. However, the strap and shoulder pad design is horrible. As others have stated, the padded shoulder strap is way to small and the design/angle (?) of the strap when cinched cause the bag to slide to an uncomfortable position when loaded, with the plastic buckle riding on your shoulder and not the pad. This makes for an uncomfortable user experience. I bought this as a slightly larger alternative to my Kadet. But the fit is nowhere near as good so will continue to look.



    Chrome Please!


    Where's the iconic Chrome Buckle! Why are you guys using these cheap plastic ones now and still charging your premium price. C'mon!




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