• The Cardiel Orp Backpack in Darkwood Camo - hi-res view.
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The Cardiel Orp Backpack

Product # BG-140-FOCM-NA
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  • Designed with skate legend, John Cardiel
  • Ultralight, water-resistant rolltop, accomodating multiple sizes
  • 100% taped seams for increased water resistance
  • 216d double-coated diamond ripstop nylon with waterproof taped seams
  • The Operation Readiness Pack (O.R.P.)
  • A Bag Built for the City

    The Operational Readiness Pack (O.R.P.) is an ultralight, water-resistant, seam-taped, roll-top backpack. We made it with rip-stop nylon to create the right balance of lightness and durability. The O.R.P works as a daypack and can fit a 13" laptop in the internal back pocket. When traveling, it can be rolled up and stowed in another bag. The O.R.P is part of the Cardiel Travel Series, a system designed in collaboration with skateboard legend and track bike savant, John Cardiel. Made for John's simple, resourceful, creative and self-sufficient travel style, the bags can be used in tandem or on its own—answering to every need from a two-hour ride to a two-week trip.

    • Ultralight, water-resistant rolltop accommodates a range of load sizes
    • 100% taped seams for increased water resistance
    • Rolltop compression straps for improved visibility
    • Internal pocket fits up to 13" MacBook Pro
  • Size 18" H, 11" W, 6" D Volume 25L Weight .95 LBS Laptop Size 13"
  • And Satan, too.


    Plain and simple. Kept things dry, but there's very little organization. I do not know if I'd necessarily buy this again, but all hail Cardiel, anyway.


    Great bicycling commuter backpack; not waterproof


    I wore this backpack almost every day for 5 years, until the fabric itself started to rip. The shoulder straps and the way the weight sits on your back make this bag very comfortable for bicycle commuting. It's not as comfortable to wear while walking, especially if you're carrying more than 10 lbs in it- but I suppose packs are optimized either for walking or cycling, but not both. The water resistance is a joke, and the taped seams are almost meaningless because the fabric itself isn't waterproof. My back sweat alone would permeate the bag after 20 minutes of bicycling on a hot day. In a serious rainstorm, the inside of the bag would be wet within 5 minutes. If this bag were actually waterproof, it would be an awesome, 5-star bag. It's very minimalist: there are no pockets or internal organization beyond an unpadded laptop sleeve that's inside the main (and only) compartment. The upside of this is that the bag is lightweight and very flexible in what it can carry: I could pack almost a whole shopping basket of groceries inside it. The downside is that if you're carrying lots of things (e.g. while traveling), it's hard to find those things; small items in particular tend to slip down into the bottom of the bag. There's no padding or rigid structure in the bag itself (although there is padding in the straps). This means that you can roll the bag up fairly small when you're not using it. I found the bag plenty comfortable to wear as long as I had a large, flat item (like a laptop in a slightly padded case) in the laptop sleeve, against my back. But without that, items in the bag sometimes poke you in the back. The one feature this bag is really missing (as a cycling bag) is a small strap to clip a taillight onto. Other than that and the waterproofing, though, it's a great bag for bike commuting.

    Boston, MA

    Lightweight, Comfortable


    Doesn't weigh much but handles heavy loads. Solid bag.


    Great, sturdy packable bag


    I was looking for a bag I could pack into larger bags for flights. this fits the bill. sturdy, great straps, reinforced bottom and folds up almost like paper.I would just add a cupholder on one of the sides.


    Better than a plastic bag


    This pack has grown on me over the past 3 years. The main reasons for this purchase were because it was ridiculously cheap for a Chrome (discontinued colour way - odd brown/tan combo) and it mates with the Cardiel Fortnight really well (Fortnight has a special pouch for the ORP). The two packs are simpatico - love it. I thought the ORP was a bit too flimsy for an everyday pack with it's lack of pockets and thin material body, but somehow I am using this thing everyday! I work for Parks and Rec and leave it in the truck all day. I put my food in a separate soft lunch bag and for all the do-dads that would normally go into multiple pockets, I use another zippered pouch that holds all the little stuff you could never put loosely into this pack. Water bottle, coffee thermos, extra clothes and there you have it. The ORP encourages simplicity because it is that; take what you need and adapt to the conditions. What I would not carry in this would be any books (magazines okay), never laptops or tablets. The ORP isn't made for electronics and even if they are padded, the ORP is not. At all. Save for the thick bottom. I wouldn't stand in the pouring rain with this, but a light shower is to the outside of it's water resistant capacity and I have other bags for wet weather. The wide mouth of the ORP pack is great for quick stuffing and retrieval; roll down the top, click-click and bye-bye.

    Vancouver, BC



    4.3 49