• Hip Sling in Grid - hi-res view.
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Hip Sling

Product # BG-277-GRID-NA

  • Our popular hip pouch with iconic buckle strap
  • Interior document pocket
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack
  • Weatherproof tarp liner with durable nylon shell
  • A Bag Built for the City

    Tough yet sleek, the Hip Sling is a functional, no-BS sling pack that's ideal for the essentials when you're on the go. Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack, the Hip Sling is the best hybrid fanny-pack.

    • Our popular hip pouch with iconic buckle strap
    • Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack
    • Made like our big bags. For everyday carry.
  • Size 7.3" H, 9.8" W, 2.7" D Volume 2L Weight .57 Lbs
  • Great hip sling (aka fanny pack).


    I love this hip sling. Or let's drop the euphemism: it's a fanny pack. But it's a really cool one. I can get away with wearing it even in front of my teenage kids. It's great because it allows me to move around in the summer without having my shorts all crammed with stuff. The interior of the pack is great because it has a robust divider so that my phone can be protected from my keys. I'm really stylin (or as much as one can with a fanny pack) when a combine this will one of my chrome messenger bags. This a a great combo for my bike commute. I have much quicker access to my stuff than if it were in my pockets, which is especially important on a bicycle. The only possible improvement would be to replace the Velcro enclosure with a magnetic one; the rip sound of opening the Velcro can be a bit too loud in quiet situations. But otherwise, this a superb bag. The best fanny pack ever (even slightly better than my camo Chrome Cardiel Shank, which is also superb). Both this pack and the Shank should resuscitate the reputation of fanny packs.

    Atlanta, GA


    Great cool pack that I use all the time.


    I love this sling. Or I'll admit it's a fanny pack. But it's a cool one that I'm willing to wear even in front of my teenage kids. I like using this so that my pants pockets aren't awkwardly stuffed with stuff. The buckle is a cool touch, and the pack has a robust divider inside, so that my phone is protected from my keys. When I'm sporting this and my Chrome messenger bag, as I do every day on my bike commute to work, I'm traveling in coordinated style. The one suggestion for improvement that I would have would be to change the Velcro fastener to a magnetic one; opening the pack creates a loud velcro sound that is a little dramatic in dignified settings.



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