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Hip Sling


  • Hip Sling in All Black - hi-res view.

Hip Sling


New hip sling, made like our big bags. For everyday carry.

  • Our popular hip pouch with iconic buckle strap
  • Interior document pocket
  • Hook and loop closure
  • Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack
  • Weatherproof tarp liner with durable nylon shell
  • A Bag Built for the City

    Tough yet sleek, the Hip Sling is a functional, no-BS sling pack that's ideal for the essentials when you're on the go. Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack, the Hip Sling is the best hybrid fanny-pack.

    • Our popular hip pouch with iconic buckle strap
    • Wear as cross-body sling or as waistpack
    • Made like our big bags. For everyday carry.
  • Product # BG-277-ALLB-NA Size 7.3" H, 9.8" W, 2.7" D Volume 2L Weight .57 Lbs
  • Reviews

  • Shiny and tiny


    I bought the 'Chrome' color and on the pics it comes off as a matte light grey but in person it's a really shiny silver. The size can be a bit misleading too because it looks wide and could carry quite a bit but the interior is narrow and couldn't even fit a foldable umbrella. Some interior organization would also be nice for a bag of this size because the "messenger bag" philosophy doesn't apply to this form factor since you're expected to just carry small essentials — you can't have those keys, gum, lip balm, etc. flopping around. They don't make an insert (like with the messenger packs) that would allow this as well. All in all, this has always been an issue with the company and how they present their products. There's just too little to give you a clear idea, I end up just checking the Rakuten post. A video of someone going through the bag would be infinitely helpful. Source: Own like 10 different Chrome products already. Kadet is the only one I really loved, the OG version that's made from tarp.

    Manila, Philippines


    I'm a very happy camper.


    Chrome comes through yet again with another high quality product to add to my collection. No surprises there. Very satisfied with this, and all the Chrome gear I own.


    Small and Compact


    I wear this everywhere. It is small enough yet roomie enough to fit your items. I typically carry my wallet, ear phones, gum, charger, and Galaxy Note 10+ phone.


    Pretty worth the price


    Does not fit too much, but I can still squeeze most of my essentials in. Also really stylish, with the cute signature buckle and grid print. Pretty worth the price in the end.


    Good material


    nice organization and size strap too thin for my comfort.



    4.3 16