• Folsom Short 2.0 in Black - hi-res view.
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Folsom Short 2.0

Product # AP-375

  • The perfect all day urban cycling short
  • Full-length seamless double layer crotch
  • Reinforced triple-needle flat felled seams
  • Slim fit
  • 4-way stretch Everest Fabric
  • Form Meets Function

    Named after the location of our first office in San Francisco, we designed these shorts in SF to work on the bike and off. A slimmer, shorter alternative to our legendary Union Shorts, we made the Folsom Shorts with a durable, water resistant Everest 4-way stretch material for comfort on the bike. With a reinforced crotch, seams and belt loops, an added u-lock holster and floating rear pockets to make the saddle more comfortable the Folsom Shorts are tricked out for crushing the streets (and hills) of San Francisco and anywhere else your bike takes you.

    • 6-panel, 4 pocket design
    • Shorts Style Guide: Click here to find out what style is right for you
    • Full-length seamless double layer crotch for on-the-bike comfort
    • Reinforced triple-needle flat felled seams
    • Flat seam, floating rear pockets
    • 5-bar webbing u-lock holster
    • Reflective rear patch for visibility
    • Reinforced belt loops
    • Matte black hardware
  • Size Waist (IN)
    28 28 - 29.75
    30 30 - 31.25
    32 32 - 33.75
    34 34 - 35.75
    36 36 - 37.75
    38 38 - 39.75
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  • Great shorts for the commute and fun


    I use these shorts biking on my work commute - but I'm guilty of using them elsewhere - I love the feel and flexibility


    This is must buy item


    This like the best pants I ever bought! Very comfortable and durable quality! Definitely best buy item


    I am buying a second pair!


    Love the form and fit. Used the u lock holder and forgot it was even there. I'm going to order a second pair!!!


    everything cool but the pilling


    I've had my pair for almost 2 years. In those two years, I have had only one complaint. Soon after they got wet the first time they began to pill. Now I do live in an intense climate (New Orleans) so that may contribute to them pilling so fast, but that sh it looks ratchet. My mom told me I look homeless in them. I still wear them because I exercise a clothing philosophy similar to that of the huns. However you would think that weatherproof material would not be so prone to ugly pilling. Also, I have seen other reviews complaining that the zipper stops staying up all the way after awhile, which I also find to be true. To me the U-Lock holster is essentially useless, and would have preferred easier access to the second belt loop from the left as that is where I generally clip my keys. I always ride with mine stuck inside my waistband and was hoping for this to be a better solution. Don't get me wrong y'all, these are great shorts and have served me well. I think this time I will go with the Senecas because that zip pocket looks clutch. One last thing, these are just slightly too long for my tastes so I find myself cuffing them pretty often.



    Best Fit, Best Length, Seat belt is a love or hate feature.


    Very comfortable around the apartment and on my bike. The reinforced crotch also serves as mild padding, but it definitely doesn't look weird. The seat belt strap to hold a ulock is still a question mark for me. I wish I could cover it up with a belt, but the design has the belt underneath the strap. It's odd, the reflective logo is under the belt and the strap is over the belt. It works ok, because the belt covers up the heavy branding on the label. Honestly, I would prefer a change / coin pocket over the seat belt. But the fit is the best amongst all the chrome shorts: natoma, seneca, union and folsom. I generally do not tuck in my shirt so it's not really a problem visually with the seat belt strap. It's just not that useful to me and I ride every day in NYC and carry a ulock. I just always have a bag. The cardiel shank for example. Or other hip packs to avoid sweaty back. In sub 50 temps a backpack works better for holding a lock. Frankly, it's preferable to stash a lock inside a bag when it's very cold. If you have ever had a near frozen ulock touch your bare skin, it's unpleasant. Though, I don't wear shorts when it's too cold. These shorts deserves a decent pocket. Fit is great. Length is great. Pockets need the smallest amount of love. More colors would be awesome, but I'll happily pickup additional pairs as my budget allows. Chrome should sell a webbed belt that can somehow, carry a ulock without looking stupid. Then any pair of pants or shorts could facilitate the same convenience as is intended for the folsom shorts, without forcing the feature into the basic design. All that said, the seat belt / belt works well for attaching a dklein feed bag. I think I'll eventually grow attached to the seat belt strap, but for now, I'm still unsure how it fits.



    4.6 56



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