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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product # BG-002-DSRT-NA

  • The original messenger bag with iconic buckle
  • Quick-release buckle with bottle opener
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap w/ stabilizing strap
  • Weatherproof tarp liner with durable nylon shell
  • Street-tested by professional messengers since 1995
  • A Bag Built for the City

    Simple, durable and resourceful, the Citizen embodies Chrome's core values. Fabricated from military-grade materials and secured with a seat belt buckle, the Citizen is engineered to withstand both the elements and the daily rigors of the urban environment.

    • Accommodates up to a 17" MacBook Pro
    • Iconic quick-release buckle with integrated bottle opener
    • Reflective straps for night visibility
    • Daisy-chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer or bike lights
    • Industrial-strength hook and loop accessory mounting shoulder strap
  • Size 13" H, 22" W, 7" D Volume 26L Weight 2.8 LBS Laptop Size 17"
  • Great quality, bad organization


    Quality is great, but size is not. I bought this primarily to transport a 15'' laptop on my bike, and this bag is just too big. Other minus: it has no subdivisions in the main pocket at all. I ended up returning it.


    Only bag anyone ever needs.


    Literally the only bag anyone ever needs. Definitely the last bag you'll purchase. Built like a tank, backed by outstanding service and warranty. I'll be riding with this bag for as long as I can push a bike.


    Great bag and design.


    Excellent bak. Great design to take away the bland. Would buy again.


    8y every day and still kickin


    I've had my chrome for 8 years of hard everyday use. Bike commuting, weekend trips, so many 6packs of beer carried. I'm trading it in only because it's yellow and after so many years of rubbing up against my jeans the color looks really dirty. The velcro is a little fuzzy, but the inside is still waterproof and the strap looks brand new. I'm buying a black one now, and I expect it to last the rest of my life honestly. Two drawbacks: 1. As a lady, it's definitely heavier than other bags out there and the way the strap lays across your chest can be awkward, but it IS comfy and functional. 2. I liked the old feature where you could choose left shoulder or right.

    albany, ny


    This bag was just not meant for me


    I bought this on a complete whim, although admittedly my other messenger bag was nearing the end of it's life. I fell for the limited edition trap, although admittedly one of the photos on the website gave me the impression that the art on the bag was more visible than it is. But I digress. Funny thing is, I was kinda worried that the bag would be too large, so I also ordered a mini metro a couple of days later. Most days, the mini metro would be totally fine for me, but if I wanted to put a pair of shoes + my lunch in the bag, the mini metro would be too small. (I'm talking dress shoes, not the super collapsible casual shoes shown in the photos) I was originally planning on sending this bag back because I just wasn't feeling it in person as much as I had thought I was, but the annoyance of having to do that dissuaded me, so I used it instead. Sure, the bag is larger, but it's just not for me at all. It's really uncomfortable, (the contents that I had in the bag on the days I used it were my lunch bag which is an insulated bag and a pair of dress shoes. It's the material of the bag that is uncomfortable for me. It feels like a burlap sack that has been dipped in resin to make it even more stiff, Another reality I've noticed is the seat belt buckle (that is pretty much what chrome bags are known for) is more trouble than what it's worth. When I get to work, I have to be super careful about how I place the bag on my desk so it doesn't make a bunch of noise for people around me, as the buckles are really heavy. When I get home, any time or convenience from the strap being able to be unbuckled is of no consequence since my habit is to hang the bag over the back of a chair, so I'm unbuckling it just to have to rebuckle it. So I don't even bother to use the buckle anymore, making it something that just makes the bag unnecessarily heavy and annoying. I'm also not a fan of the positioning/angle of the shoulder strap.



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