• Citizen Messenger Bag in Gargoyle Grey - hi-res view.
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Citizen Messenger Bag

Product # BG-002-GRGY-NA

  • The original messenger bag with iconic buckle
  • Quick-release buckle with bottle opener
  • Ergonomic shoulder strap w/ stabilizing strap
  • Weatherproof tarp liner with durable nylon shell
  • Street-tested by professional messengers since 1995
  • The Iconic Chrome Seatbelt Buckle

    After building our first run of bags in the mid-90’s, we got tired of pulling heavy bags over our heads and decided to find a better way. We visited a local auto scrapyard, started cutting seatbelts out of old cars and an icon was born. Tough enough to stay buckled in any kind of situation but easy to release when you need to get out of your gear – Chrome’s signature messenger sling closure.

    • Accommodates up to a 17" MacBook Pro
    • Iconic quick-release buckle with integrated bottle opener
    • Reflective straps for night visibility
    • Daisy-chain mounting loops for attaching carabineer or bike lights
    • Industrial-strength hook and loop accessory mounting shoulder strap
  • Size 13" H, 22" W, 7" D Volume 26L Weight 2.8 LBS Laptop Size 17"
  • can't speak highly enough


    after years of sharing this story anecdotally and buying nothing but their gear ever since, i realized i should probably write this review. disclaimer: i am not overly shilling their gear in any way whatsoever, but i also routinely wear anything they make because of this: this was the first chrome bag i bought. friends introduced me, and sold me on it. a few weeks into owning this bag, i was on my bike with my laptop, and a water bottle that's notorious for not threading correctly; computer was in one compartment, and the (unbeknownst to me) rapidly leaking water bottle was in the other. i noticed this an indeterminable amount of time after aforementioned rapid leaking began, but only when i felt a faint damp feeling on my lower back that decidedly wasn't sweat. panicked, i hopped off my bike and observed an established pool of what was once in my water bottle now trying to get through seams, layers, whatever water wants to do. in the other compartment of this bag was my laptop, which was desert-level dry, thanks to how well this is built. all told, i removed the contents of the bag, poured the water out, and let it sit in the sun for like 10 minutes. bone dry. tl;dr - i'll pack any important thing i own into this, and stand in my shower for an hour with full confidence things will come out just fine on the other end.





    I actually purchased this for my teenager who needed something more durable for school and he loves it.


    This bag is awesome!


    I < 3 this bag! Not overly full of pockets but just enough for all the things I need. I love the color. And the black seat belt buckle. I've gotten nothing but complements on this bag.


    Great buy, highly recommend


    I finally upgraded to this bad boy from my old school bag a few weeks ago and I'm loving it. It's comfortable (especially on a bike), spacious and stylish. Great for city living/commuting but I'm sure you could get great use out of it anywhere else.


    Its IN THE BAG!!!


    The Citizen is proving to be my new daily carry. FIts its purpose well and beyond.



    4.7 440