• Can I add something to the order that I just placed?

    We are unable to charge the payment method used on your order more than is originally authorized. If you would like to add something to an existing order we can cancel your order and void the payment transaction. From there you would be free to place a new order with all the items that you are looking for. Please Contact Us with your order number if you have any questions.

  • Why didn't I receive my order confirmation/tracking?

    There are a couple of reasons as to why you may have not received an order confirmation sheet or corresponding tracking information. Sometimes they end up in SPAM folders or the order may be caught in fraud review (it happens, sorry!). It’s easy for us to send you a copy of your order confirmation sheet along with your tracking information if the order has shipped.
    Feel free to give us a call or shoot us an email if in need of assistance.

    For some international orders, we use an international sales partner and fulfillment provider, ‘Global-e’, to handle orders outside the United States. Please visit Global-e's customer support.