• The buckle on my bag broke, how can I get a new one?

    We stock MOST of our spare bag buckles at our HQ. If available, we will send you a replacement for FREE!
    Please feel free to Contact Us and our Customer Support team coordinate from there.

  • Can CHROME make me a custom bag?

    Our Custom Bag Makers currently customize three bags and a few accessories in our Chrome HUBs.


    We customize the Barrage Cargo backpack, the Citizen and Mini-Metro messenger bag. At this time, we only offer custom bags in our Chrome HUBs, but you can arrange an order via phone or email.

    You can choose your own colors of each bag panel for an additional $20-40. For the messenger bags you can also choose the buckle color and either left or right shoulder fit. You can also provide your own materials for an additional salvage charge of at least $40. We also add patches!

    Need some ideas or reference? Check out the website HERE or our hashtag on Instagram #chromecustoms.


    Call your closest hub and have a conversation with one of our awesome Custom Bag Makers. They can answer your specific questions, tell you what colors they have available and send you the order sheet so you have an idea of the bag making process.

    Choose the closest Hub to you to save on shipping times. FIND YOUR CLOSEST CHROME HUB HERE.

    *Custom Bags are final sale and are not returnable. Ask your Bag Maker about wait times which do not include shipping. We cannot expedite any orders. Your bag order will be completed in the order in which it was received.

  • Can I customize, change, or add something to the bag that I own?

    If you already own a Chrome bag and are interested in personalizing it please contact the Chrome Hub location nearest you. Our Chrome Hub teams would be happy to consult with you on what is possible.

  • How can I get a right shoulder messenger bag?

    At each of our Chrome Hub stores, you can create a custom Citizen or Mini Metro with a right shoulder option. Visit Our Stores page to find your nearest Chrome Hub.

  • I am not sure which size to order?

    On all product pages there is specific sizing information available by clicking the "Size Guide" link.

  • Do you sell stickers?

    Homie, we’ll send you some stickers for free! All you need to do is send a self-addressed, stamped envelope to:

    Chrome Sticker Clerb
    1734 NW 15th Avenue
    Portland, OR 97209

  • I am interested in having my event sponsored by Chrome.

    Please fill out our Contact Us form detailing your event. Chrome receives a high volume of sponsorship requests and proposals so please do not be disappointed if we are unable to help.

  • Do you have any retail partners outside the US?

    Chrome has a number of retail partners all over the world, see our list of authorized Chrome dealers to find the one nearest to you.

  • Do you honor price adjustments?

    Chrome will honor price adjustments under these terms:

    If an item you bought on chromeindustries.com goes on sale within 5 days of purchase, we will refund the price difference to the original form of payment or with credit. Price adjustments do not stack with select promotional codes - we will provide a partial refund. A receipt must be present to honor a price adjustment. Any price adjustments to Final Sale prices cannot be returned.