Familia Style

The Chrome Familia are cyclists, skaters and artists. We brought some of our Familia together in NYC to kick it, get rad on their bikes and crush some NY-style pizza. Check out the gear they were rocking and shine like Familia.

Cardiel's Outfit

Cyclist, Skater, DJ, Legend. What more can be said about Cards? The dude goes harder than anyone we know. All Hail Cardiel.

1 color

Igei's Outfit

Co-founder of SF-based Western Edition skateboards, fixie king, Igei brings an intensity and intelligence to bikes and boards like few we've ever seen.

Water Resistant
2 colors
$159.99 - $200.00

Jo's Outfit

Team Cinelli-Chrome's Queen of the Crit - Jo crushes race podiums, kicked cancer's ass while being a full-time student and rides with an infectious energy.

Reyes' Outfit

Reyes throws down. Consistently dropping the gnarliest freestyle fixie runs on video, Matt is also one hell of a photographer and legit the nicest dude you'll be likely to meet.

Water Resistant
2 colors
$159.99 - $200.00

Mike's Outfit

Former pro skater, current FDNY firefighter, Mike crushes the streets on his track bike with a smooth yet aggressive style that draws from the attitude of his native New York City.

2 colors
$59.99 $75.00

Massan's Outfit

There's nothing quite like watching Massan rip a hill on his track bike. SF-bred, NYC-based, Massan brings his West Coast flavor to the Five Boroughs. Sweet.

Water Resistant
2 colors
$159.99 - $200.00

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