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Citizen Chrome 2020

From the beginning Chrome has been about finding resourceful solutions and not shying away from a challenge. In face of Covid-19, we want to challenge ourselves and our communities to Make Shit and Give a Shit.

Give 20 / Get 20

The impact of COVID-19 is disproportionately hitting people in food service, hospitality, and the trades. These are the folks who can’t phone it in and are the first to get laid off.

To lessen the financial impact of COVID-19, from now through April 15th we are offering people a choice to Give or Get 20% off everything on our site and partnering with the One Fair Wage Emergency Fund to get 100% of all donations received directly into the hands of the restaurant workers, delivery workers, personal service workers and more who need the money they’re no longer getting to survive.

While in your cart, enter the code GIVE20 to donate or GET20 to save.

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Volunteer Messenger Program

25 years ago Chrome was built to put bags on the backs of messengers. Now, more than ever, messengers are on the front lines getting necessities into the hands of the people that need them & we’ll keep supporting the best way we know how.

Go Pro: We’ve expanded our Pro Program from bike couriers to all couriers. If you’re out there doing that important work right now we’ll give you 40% off the gear you need.

  1. Create an account on ChromeIndustries.com/register.
  2. Apply to go Pro.
  3. Our Gear Fitters will review your application and confirm your account within a few days.
  4. Save 40% on Chrome gear through the end of the year.

Know someone who wants to help but can’t afford the gear? Contact us @Chrome_industries on IG.

Get Active: Post your availability to the gram @covid19_messengers, get in touch with your local food bank at FeedingAmerica.com, reach out to your neighbors through the Nextdoor App, or simply go door to door (just keep your social distance).

Make Masks

Following widespread shortage of protective masks and advice from the CDC, our hub custom sewers are mobilizing to make & distribute masks out of salvaged Chrome materials for the medical workers in need. Know how to sew? Get on board with the movement & make some for the folks in your local community.