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Products / Stories / Feb 3, 2021


Everyone has that one bag - or maybe five - that they use for their everyday carry - also known as EDC. Carrying the daily essentials is crucial, and so having the right bag to do it. What type of bag are you looking for in your every day carry? It all depends on what you're carrying and how you want to carry it. Here are our top recommended Chrome EDC bags.

Kadet Sling - If you want a sling bag with our iconic seatbelt buckle, check out our fan favorite Chrome Kadet Sling. It's an over the shoulder sling with an aluminum buckle that keeps the bag lightweight and has a removable stabilizer strap for when you need it on the go. The best part of the Kadet is you can wear it on your back and swing it forward to get access inside the bag without having to take it off. The Kadet is water and abrasion resistant thanks to our 1050d nylon - that's the magic fabric most of our bags are made from. There’s a padded U-lock holster located on the back of the sling so you can ride and not worry about the lock crushing your stuff. The front zipper is also very convenient for quick grab items like your phone, wallet, and keys. There's a lot of room in this sling and great if you need to carry some drinks or a jacket. Fun fact - you can use the buckle as a bottle opener to impress your folks. See it for yourself in our Chrome Kadet Sling gear fitter video.

Mini Kadet Sling - If you need something more compact than the Chrome Kadet Sling, then check out the Chrome Mini Kadet. It's basically the Kadet, but 4 liters smaller and without the seatbelt buckle and stabilizer strap. It does have an adjustable stainless steel slider that also functions as a bottle opener - because priorities. It's comfortable to wear on the back or front of your body - making it super easy to access the inside of the bag without having to take it off. If you're cruising on a bike, slide your U-lock in the padded holster on the back and keep rolling. It's a great every day carry. Need more convincing? Check out our gear fitter video on the Chrome Mini Kadet Sling.

Ziptop Waistpack - Hip bag, fanny pack, waist pack - call it whatever you want, but it doesn't change the fact that the Chrome Ziptop Waistpack is super convenient and comfortable to wear anywhere you go. Wear it around the waist or as a cross-body bag on your back or chest. Made with our 1050d nylon that make it water-resistant and durable as hell. Carry a couple beverages, dog essentials, or a packable jacket. Consider it the extra pocket you didn't know you needed, but are glad to have it - especially if you don't have any pockets.

Mini Shoulder Bag MD - Some call it a musette or sacoche - pronounced sah-kohsh - we just call it a shoulder bag in medium size. The Chrome Mini Shoulder Bag MD is a cross body bag that can be worn in the front, back, or give it a go around your waist. Super lightweight, yet built tough like the rest of our bags using our super durable nylon shell and poly liner. You can easily fit a tablet, notebook, Nintendo Switch, camera and whatever other essential items you need by your side. It's the ultimate extra pocket.

Shoulder Accessory Pouch - Compact and packed with function and durability. The Chrome Mini Shoulder Accessory Pouch was designed for everyday essentials - phone, camera, wallet, keys and more! It's simple design comes with multiple organizational pockets - including internal mesh pockets that are perfect for holding keys and cash money. Wear it cross body or around your waist. Don't want the strap? No problem. It's removable so use it when you want it. See it to believe it with our gear fitter video.

Not exactly what you're looking for? All good. We have plenty of Chrome bags to choose from to be your next everyday carry.

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