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Stories / Products / Apr 7, 2021

Chrome Commute Bags

Commuting is part of the daily grind, but you can make the best of it if you have the right gear. If you commute by bike, bus, motorcycle, car, train, plane or with just your two legs - we got a bag for you. Here are our top recommended Chrome bags for commuting.

Bravo 3.0 - If you love organization, functionality and pockets - lots of pockets - we think you'll fancy this fan favorite bag. The Chrome Bravo 3.0 is a redesign of our classic Bravo Backpack - third times a charm! - but this time it's designed with a removable waterproof tote built inside that bag - surprise! - that you can easily pull out for a grocery run or separating stinky / wet items from touching the rest of your stuff. Each side has a stretchy side pocket to hold your water bottle, U-lock, snacks, and other essentials for quick access. The shell on the outside is made with BLCKCHRM 22X nylon, which is water and tear resistant. The front adjustable - and removable - straps are great for holding objects like a helmet, jacket, or wheel. The front main pocket has a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 15" Macbook Pro and zippered pocket on the outside to store more stuff. The rear side of the bag has a stash pocket for easy and quick access to whatever it is you want to keep in there while on the bike. Watch our Bravo 3.0 gear fitter video that goes into more depth on this rad commuter bag.

Buran III - Our badass tech bag built twice. With the look of our classic Chrome Citizen Messenger Bag but designed after our classic Buran, the Chrome Buran III comes with more organization, functionality and features. Ideal for those who want a bag to throw around their shoulder or carry by the handle and for folks who are left handed, prefer to wear their bag on their right shoulder - or want the option take off the adjustable and removable strap completely. Don't worry about your stuff getting wet either - this bag is built twice with our 1050d nylon shell on the outside and waterproof tarp liner on the inside and has a padded laptop sleeve with coated zippers so water won't get in. There's also two side zip pockets on the front for easy access to your phone, wallet, keys, and snacks - you gotta have snacks - without having to open up and get inside the bag. Check it out in our gear fitter video on the Buran III.

Barrage Cargo Backpack - One of our most iconic, durable, and best selling backpacks - also part of our Heritage Collection -  the Chrome Barrage Cargo is made for any occasion. Commuting, grocery runs, race day events and even travel - use the Barrage Cargo as you wish. What makes this bag even more unique is that it's built twice. Abrasion-resistant on the outside and welded-waterproof tarp liner on the inside. Fun fact - you can throw a bag of ice and beverages in the Barrage and turn it into a portable cooler. Cool. Thanks to the welded seams, water can't get in or out of the tarp liner. Inside the liner is a separate sleeve to hold a laptop - if you need extra protection, consider our Chrome laptop sleeve. The sleeve also doubles as an extra pocket for notebooks, docs, reading materials, and whatever else is rectangular. The rolltop makes it easy to pack your stuff tight or carry oddly shaped items that can be secured with the adjustable top strap. The cargo net on the front is great for carrying bulky stuff you may not want to keep inside your bag - like your helmet, shoes, wheel, bike frame, and so much more - we've seen folks get pretty creative. Our gear fitter video on the Barrage Cargo will show you the way.

Urban Ex Pannier 2.0 - "Chrome makes a pannier bag?" We sure do - and you can wear it too. If you're familiar with our Urban Ex Collection then you know this bag is 100% welded waterproof - meaning it's literally welded together so water doesn't get in. The loops on the front of the bag are reflective so you can be seen at night and they're built to be super durable to hold your U-lock. It will give you a piece of mind knowing this bag is 100% waterproof and has a padded laptop sleeve that fits up to a 13" Macbook Pro. This bag is great for carrying extra clothes to change to and from work, haul groceries when you need it, and keep other essentials with you rather than on you. If you need to take the bag with you, there's an adjustable and removable strap so you can wear it cross-body or grab the handle at the top for easy carry. The three-point rack attachment system makes mounting the bag on and off the bike super simple - keep in mind you will need your own rear mount that has a tubing diameter between 6 to 12mm to use this pannier effectively, but once you have that you are ready to ROLL! Check out our Urban Ex Pannier 2.0 gear fitter video.

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