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Stories / Sep 3, 2020

Chrome Art Corps: Adeshola Makinde

We’re stoked to launch #001 of the Citizen Chrome Artist Tee with Chicago based artist Adeshola Makinde. Adeshola’s work challenges viewers to question the systems they find themselves in, which will hopefully cause them to have much needed conversations with those closest to them regarding social justice issues. We created the Citizen Chrome Artist Tee to use commerce for good and to support BIPOC artists and communities. Each limited edition tee is designed by a different artist with 100% of profits donated directly to a non-profit of the artist’s choosing. 

100% of Profits from Adeshola’s tee will be donated to Assata’s Daughters – a grassroots intergenerational collective of radical Black women located in the city of Chicago who aims to deepen, escalate, and sustain the Movement for Black Liberation.


Where do you get your inspiration?

I find inspiration from so many different things. Artists that came before me, film, music and books. Black Twitter too!

What was the first thing you made that you considered art?

In 2016 I put out a 220 page coffee table book that featured 5+ years live music photography that I shot. It came to life via a Kickstarter campaign and to date have sold out of two editions.

What’s your favorite piece you’ve made and why?

My favorite piece to date has to be my ‘flex’ piece. It’s straight to the point and doesn’t really need explanation. My favorite kind of work from any artist.

Who are 5 favorite artists you follow right now? Five artists that I’m following at the moment are Michael C. Thorpe, Noname, Jacob Rochester, Nikko Washington and Kerwin Frost.

Why Assata’s Daughters? I chose Assata’s Daughters because they’re a black feminist led organization fostering & teaching young boys & girls, in divested-from areas in Chicago, the black radical traditions of Assata Shakur. I believe reshaping how & what young kids are taught and supporting black radical organizations doing just that is one of the many steps towards the liberation of black & brown people.

Get Adeshola’s Tee Here and check the rest of the Chrome Art Corps

Adeshola Makinde // www.adesholamakinde.com // @adesholamakinde