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Stories / Sep 17, 2019

EVENT RECAP: The Chrome Grand Slam

Who said street racing is dead?

With the hiatus of Redhook, folks were wondering if we had seen the best of street racing. That everyone had moved to gravel. No one cared anymore.

We envisioned CGS with MFS to stoke the street race scene. It’s that simple. If not us … who? If not now … when?? … you get it.

What is The Chrome Grand Slam??? Unify three independent races. Mission Crit, Chrome Coveted Crit, and the Red Bull Bay Climb. Add bonus points for getting out and exploring the city. Two categories (M/W). Winner takes $3k, Coveted Jersey and bragging rights.

1. Mission Crit – The wind kicked up in The Mission sending barriers crashing and turning aero wheels into sails. Riders crashed over barriers too. That’s just racing. Sometimes you push a little too hard.
1. Adrian Flores
2. Alvin Escajeda
3. Lara Gama
1. Evelyn Hound
2. Sammi Runnels
3. Christina Hashimoto

2. Chrome Coveted Crit – Chicago is HOT in the summer. Various kiddie pools and truck pools helped keep things cool on the sidelines but the road just kept getting hotter. Everyone came by our Chicago HUB for the afterparty. Anyone with gas left in the tank used it on goldsprints.
1. Nicolas Côté
2. Jake Silverberg
3. Jesse Kooistra
1. Evelyn Hound
2. Danielle Morshead
3. Evelyn Sifton

3. Red Bull Bay Climb – Racers carbed up at the Chrome SF HUB pre-registration party Friday night. On Saturday, they blew their lungs and legs on three of the steepest blocks in the city in pursuit of points and the Chrome Coveted Jersey. MFS was there broadcasting live for seven and a half hours. Their legs and lungs were blown too.
1. Enrique Martinez
2. Brian Wagner
3. Zach Morvant
1. Evelyn Hound
2. Rachel Baarda
3. Ivy Young

Bonus Points

Racers could earn bonus points by doing challenges in each city. You can see who did what at the Chrome Grand Slam site.

Mission Crit Challenges
1. Eat a burrito, a raw oyster and a clam chowder bread-bowl all in the same day.
2. Ride to the top of Twin Peaks. Selfie video yourself with the Towers or the City in the background.
3. Go to the intersection of 24th and Rhode Island on Potrero Hill. Ride as far up Rhode Island as you can.

Chrome Coveted Crit Challenges
1. Find your favorite Chicago Hot Dog vendor and take a selfie vid eating a hot dog in front of Wrigley Field
2. Post your best #searsfromhere selfie vid taken from the Chicago Lakefront Trail.
3. Participate in the Chrome Chicago Gold Sprints!!!!!!!!!!

Red Bull Bay Climb Challenges
1. Jump in the ocean then ride to the bay and jump in the bay.
2. Eat a huge sandwich. Extra Credit for Dutch Crunch Bread.
3. Do a skid. A long skid. As long as you can, down a big hill, but don’t crash.

And the winners are…
M’s Results
1. Nicolas Côté – 385
2. David Tolley – 380
3. Chris Hildreth – 330
W’s Results
1. Evelyn Hound – 638
2. Dani Morshead – 590
3. Elizabeth (Dazie) Holt – 425

Photographers: Jason Hansen, Stephen Willis, Dennis Peralta, and George Armstrong.