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Stories / Aug 15, 2019

EVENT RECAP: Chrome x LOGE Camps – Gravel Happens #1

Gravel Happened.

We biked, we swam, we beered, we chilled. Check the photos from our trip below – along with the Dustin Klein recap above – for your weekly dose of FOMO. And make sure you don’t miss the next one – get a spot for Gravel Happens #2 & #3 before it’s too late!

Thank mother earth for the LOGE Cafe – providing all the necessary early am, pre-ride caffeination. (And check all those bikes you can rent!)

Some pre-ride route discussions while we wait for the stragglers.

The NUUN & PDW crews pulled through to hook everyone up with all the hydration means necessary before we took off.

No Drop = more time for snacks.

The gravel uniform: Chrome Merino Tee. Chrome Shorts. Chrome Merino Socks. Chrome x DKlein feed bag.

Butte-iful view is always worth the climb.

Post-ride welcome home committee.

Ride, Eat, S’mores, Sleep, Repeat.

Want more info and to win a BIKE + a trip to Gravel Happens #3?
Check our event page for all the dirt.