Stories / Jun 6, 2019


OUR PINKEST VOLCAN, a limited edition collaboration with Portland homies Voodoo Doughnuts.

What happens when a bag maker gets together with a donut maker? You get a pink day pack with an iconic donut doll on it! Our limited edition Voodoo X Chrome Volcan resists everything from street scrapes to bubblegum frosting.

Check the video to watch Voodoo Barons Cat Daddy and Tres get a special Voodoo doughnut delivery from our Chromie Ramon, making extra sure the doughnuts all get there in one piece.

The Volcan’s sturdy, straightforward design evolved out of a desire to create a top-zip bag that could stand up to everything – from the bike to the bar to the donut shop, the Volcan Pack brings a lot of power to a no-BS frame.

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