SF HUBS / Stories / Jan 19, 2018

Chris Cosentino – The Chef & the Cyclist

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“Our job as chefs is to share the knowledge to the next group of people. Not only to your staff, but to your peers, and see where it’s gonna go.” – Chef Chris Cosentino
The Chef & The Cyclist
Whether it’s crushing miles as a competitive cyclist or creating menus for his restaurants in San Francisco, Portland or Marin, Chris Cosentino puts all of himself into everything he does. We sat down with Chris at his SF restaurant, Cockscomb, (conveniently located two doors down from our Soma hub) and talked about how the creative process is a lot like skateboarding, what cycling means to chefs and why there’s a vintage bike helmet hanging in his restaurant. “It’s a powerful tool to create something and have it be finished. To have an outlet that gives somebody satisfaction its not like I’m creating something to just create. It has an end means of making somebody smile.”

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