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SEA HUB / Stories / Jun 13, 2013

Wrenched Nation Tour | First Stop: Seattle

The first stop on the Wrenched Nation Tour was Seattle, Portland’s friendly neighbor to the north. For this part of the trip I was joined by my dear friend, Billy “Souphorse” Sinkford …… king among men and singer of “The Neverending Story”

.photo (15)

Look at him. Just look at him!  Can you see why I wanted him to come with on Chrome One’s maiden voyage? I always party better with him around, so it was a MUST that he come. I thought he was going to sit up front with me, but Palmer insisted that she was in charge of navigation, being a Basset Hound she said her keen sense of smell will lead the way.

photo (16)

Here she is leading the way. She told us to “follow her nose because it always knows”. I am pretty sure she ripped that off from Toucan Sam, but she insisted she didn’t know what I was talking about. Once we got to Seattle we headed to Schooner’s and met up with the Hodala boys who were sitting with the cast off the movie Cocoon. Randy had his back to them because he was passed up for a role in the movie and is still sore about it.

photo (17)

Raleigh Sally said that Hodala are untouchable in the Seattle cross scene. I took his word for it because he had a crazy look in his eye and it was twitching a bit. Never question a man with the crazy eye, just nod and smile. As the beer flowed and night progressed we shared laughs and stories. I snuck 2 time messenger world champ, Craig Etheridge, away to ask him some probing questions…..


photo (19)

I don’t think I have ever met a nicer guy. All smiles, all the time.

Then things started to get a little weird…

photo (18)

Don’t worry, this isn’t a R rated picture. I am grabbing the railing. Things were getting wild and the bar was closing, so we thought the night was coming to an end….. we thought that until the bartender came out in the parking lot with 5 growlers, ready to party. We all piled into Chrome One, cranked up the tunes, and had us a sweet dance party. I would have loved to been someone walking by to see this RV in an empty parking lot at 2am bouncing around. I would’ve knocked and asked to join because it was obviously a party. That’s just me…. I was already in there, so who cares. The growlers were drained, the music started to mellow, and our fellow partiers went their respected ways leaving Souphorse and me alone in the parking lot. We had to laugh at ourselves because when we get together, things get ridiculous and that it just how we like it. Our first night in Chrome One was a blast and I was looking forward to many more. Unfortunately, Souphorse was flying back to Portland the next morning, leaving Palmer and me to adventure onto Minneapolis alone. Seattle was short and sweet, but we left our mark in the Schooner Exact parking lot.