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Products / Stories / Nov 13, 2014

The Palmer3000 Come Up


Photograph by Jason Hansen

What can be said about Palmer3000 that hasn’t been said before? Sure, when you look into her eyes she can see straight into your soul, to your heart, and will proceed melt it like it’s never been melted before. We all know that; it’s common knowledge. There is something else that this 10 year old Basset possesses. A joie de vivre mixed with a healthy dose of apathy isn’t something you see done with as much style and grace as Palmer manages to pull off, but there she is laying in an oil spot at a garage and genuinely happy to be there.

Palmer3000 burst out onto the scene in 2013 when she partnered with Chrome Industires, hit the open road on the Wrenched Nation Tour, and became America’s favorite Basset Hound one belly rub at a time.

photo (40)

Photograph by Brenton Salo

This dog is down to party any place, any time, but usually dozes off when she gets there. Regardless, she parties harder sleeping than anyone else does awake … and in more states. palmer

For leading by example, for tossing aside the map and letting chance guide, we salute Palmer3000 and every dog like her. The Palmer3000 dog collar not only evokes the spirit of adventure, it is also reflective so when “adventure” takes your dog into your neighbor’s compost pile you can spot them with your flashlight.


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