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PDX HUB / Stories / Nov 11, 2015

Revolights x Chrome PDX Gold Sprints

It was a night of beer, LED lights and leg speed. Revolights, with Kris from Locked Cog came up from Sacramento to take care of the technical operation aspect of the event, and we provided beer, accommodation and prizes. Our own Aaron used his bike polo organizing background to set up the bracket system for the night.


The interesting factor in these gold sprints was the showcasing of Revolights on the bikes. Normally in a gold sprint event, there is simply a fork mount and no front wheel attached to the bike (reference). But the Revolights crew fixed the front fork on while still allowing a front wheel to be attached to the bike, to show how the lights work.


We had somewhere in the ballpark of 50-60 people in attendance. A handful of track racing brethren and sistren showed up to throw down among street riders and messengers. There was both a men’s and women’s division, and the racing was furious. To the point that there were multiple equipment breakages. Multiple chain throws, 2 chain breaks, and 2 broken pedals. This caused a few hiccups in the flow of the event, but the crew handled it like champs and kept things flowing along.


Our keg ran out with less than 20 minutes left of the event, to which people gladly accepted waters instead. The men’s final was settled by 1/100th of a second. Prizes from Chrome, Revolights, Aventon and Hiplok were handed out. I am very happy to report that only one person was cut off from drinks, on friendly terms no less. Everyone else was appropriately behaved and no sketchy B-holes showed up. This event receives a thorough 2 thumbs up from me, and I feel good speaking for those in attendance as well.