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Team Cinelli x Chrome Red Hook Weekend


Strap yourself in, because this ain’t your grandma’s recap. Our 2015 Team Cinelli x Chrome came to NYC to race at the Red Hook Crit and since the entire team was all in the same place, we decided to throw a party. A big, big party that lasted the entire weekend and hurt the livers of many. If you were there, we hope you made it home ok and your tattoo healed nicely. For the rest of you the story goes a little something like this…


On Friday, April 24th our Chrome NYC crew threw open their doors, ran into the street, and started crying like crazed Michael Jackson fans. Why? Because they were pumped out of their minds to host Team Cinelli x Chrome’s kickoff party and when they get that excited, they cry. Hard. This year saw some new additions to the team and by the looks of the party’s turnout, we weren’t the only ones who were excited.


We ordered up some dumplings because it’s a well known fact that eating dumplings makes you faster, and aids in winning races. Since the Red Hook Crit was the next day, we took no chances. The kegs were for us because beer aids in winning at partying. Look it up. It’s scientifically proven. Our NYC HUB went from just us hanging out with our team to this:


Then there’s this guy, Antonio Colombo. Ever heard of him? Probably because not only is he the president of Cinelli he’s also the owner for Columbus tubing which was founded by his pops in 1919 and passed onto Antonio in 1977. So… yeah, kind of a big deal.


We knew from the get-go that we’d never want to forget this party no matter how drunk we got, so tattoos seemed like a great idea. The waitlist filled up quickly and a few scoundrels even tried to budge in line, so they too could remember to not forget.


After the cops came and broke up our party time vibes, we kicked all of these people out and cleaned the HUB to get ready for day two.


You couldn’t have asked for better racing conditions and if you did, you’re probably one of those people who are never pleased, so have fun making it though life with that attitude.


The qualifying rounds set the tone for what was to come. Ever here that Metallica song “Ride the Lightning“? It was like that. Riders were going as hard as hell. Two of our riders crashed out. Faz busted his face up pretty good and Stefan broke his collar bone. Even though he crashed out of the race Stefan posted the fastest qualifying lap. The guy is a beast.



ChromeIndustries_RedHookCritNYC2015_TeamCinelliChromeCorner2 (1)


As the sun set, the qualifying races ended and people were chomping at the bit to watch the main event.


The evening brought more thrills…

…and unfortunately, more spills.

Every race was truly a nail biter and by the end of the evening we felt even closer to our team.

For a thorough race recap checkout this write-up from new Team Cinelli Chrome Rider, Jo Celso. For the race results check out the standings HERE, RIGHT HERE!!!

After the race was finished, the Chrome crew headed over to the Dog Breath show to support our fellow Chromie’s last show. Man, did they jam!! Not the Strawberry kind, the other kind.




IMG_6769 (1)

What a weekend, right? We laughed, we cried, we hurled… but there was something missing.

A lot of work goes into throwing parties and still running a store on top of it. The Chrome NYC crew were champs during the madness of it all, so we decided to have a party just for them.



There it is. What a wonderful weekend that we’ll never forget parts of.You know that saying, “Leave only footprints and take only memories”? Yeah, we didn’t do that at all.


Here’s to an awesome 2015 race season! We’ll see you out there.


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Team Cinell x Chrome Party and Race Photos by Peter Pabon and Ben McCosh

Dog Breath and Chromie Party Photos by Zak Mohammed