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Featured (Home Page) / Stories / Aug 4, 2014

Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project


This year, instead of the Oregon Manifest just being in sunny Portland OR, it spread it’s proverbial wings and created The Bike Design Project. 5 cities. 5 teams. 5 bikes. 1 universal party to reveal each team’s bike of tomorrow TODAY. Those 5 cities were San Francisco, Chicago, New York City, Portland, and Seattle… and we just happen to have hubs in all those cities. Boom. Party time.

Summertime is the time for parties and who doesn’t love a good party? Tell you who does – Chrome. That’s right. When our pals at the Oregon Manifest asked us if we wanted get up to get down with them, we fist pumped the air like the great Mario Lemieux, looked them dead in the eye, and said “Absolutely, we do.” We then repeated it as if to add to the importance and in turn, probably just added to the creepiness. “Ab-so-lute-ly we do.” Never blinked. partytime We like to make stuff too, so we called upon our long time Chromie, Sean Light, who designed some posters for the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project that we screen printed at each reveal party in every city. We couldn’t just show up empty handed, ya know? Like, “hey, we ate all of your chips and now we’re just going to screw off and make fart noises”. No, that’s not us… not anymore anyway. As each party popped off, people were picking up what we were putting down. Literally. The posters were free. We’d print them, put ’em out, and people would pick them up. We printed out hearts out that night as people got to look at the urban utility bike of the future. omdesign The people have decided who the Oregon Manifest Bike Design Project winner is, and we’d like to give a big congrats to TEAGUE x SIZEMORE BICYCLE from SEATTLE for getting The Denny voted as the best urban utility bike. Fuji Bicycles will be producing The Denny, which will be available on a retail floor near you in the future. Stay tuned. DENNY built by TEAGUE + Sizemore Bicycle

Shout out to the other teams in the Bike Design Project for all the time, sweat, and dedication they put into their bike designs: MNML + Method in Chicago, Pensa + Horse Cycles in NYC, INDUSTRY + Ti Cycles in PDX, and HUGE Design + 4130 Cycle Works in SF. You are all winners in our book.