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Familia / Mar 21, 2013

Q&A With Massan


Our Crew in Japan was interested in learning more about Chrome Familia member Massan Fluker. So they asked him some questions:

Q1 : Could you please introduce yourself to us?

Hello. My name is Massan Fluker and I’m from San Francsico, but currently residing in Brooklyn NY. I ride bikes everyday.

Q2: You have visited Japan many times, what is your impression of Japan?

I love Japan! Its a playground for adults.

Q3: Where is your favorite place in Japan?

My favorite place in Japan is Harajuku. I like to people watch.

Q4 : What is the difference of bike culture / scene between USA and Japan?

That’s a hard question. I guess the biggest difference is the equipment that’s available depending on where you live. In Japan theres some bikes that you’ve never seen in the States and vice versa. They’re are some beautiful Kierin bikes there for sure.

Q5 : Why did you decide to be Familia?  Was there any opportunity or trigger?

Well my friend Colby gave me the call about being on Chrome and I agreed. I was excited to go that route because I know and respect everyone on the team. I used to actually work retail with Igei and we’ve done some trips together. Ive been on bike rides with Cardz and I know Wonka, Squid and Worrest from around the way. It was an easy decision.

Q6: Has your life been changed after you became a member of Familia?

Ha. I guess it has changed a bit because I’m more sure that I’m on the correct path in terms of cycling. If I want to keep riding and traveling and being involved, working with Chrome is a great opportunity for me. As a team, we’re strong and able to do things that used to seem impossible. I hope that makes sense.

Q7: Do you have any close friend in Familia members?

Probably Igei and Cardiel. When we see each other, its chill. Listening to music and riding. Stuff like that.

 Q8 : Which style do you like the best and why?

I like any style that’s simple. Even if you’re tech, theres a way to make it look simple. Thats what I’m into.

 Q9 : Do you have any plans to work with Chrome soon? ( collaboration, ad, event etc.)

Of course! You just have to stay tuned…

Q10 : Any message to Japanese fans?

Yes! Stay safe. Stay positive. Stay moving.