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Events / PDX HUB / Mar 26, 2013

The 1 Moto Show 2013


Chrome was stoked to be part of the The One Motorcycle Show in Portland, OR put on by Thor Drake and his crew at See See Motorcycles. This being the first time we partied together they didn’t know how we let loose so we showed them… hard.

We drove the Chrome van up to Portland from SF. When we got to our PDX HUB and parked out front, the transmission went out once and for all. After some pushing, drinking, and towing our PDX crew got straight to work transforming the van from a crusty party wagon into a mobile tattoo studio. The paint was still drying when the tow truck showed up to haul the van to The One Show and since the  truck was late, the party was in full swing when we came rolling up. Our arrival was quite the spectacle. Both sides of the streets were lined with custom motorcycles and the tow truck was backing up the Chrome van in between said rows much to the concern of the bike’s owners. We jack knifed it half assed in the bay doors and called it good enough to party. By that time EVERYONE knew we were there and we wasted no time setting up shop.


We had one tattooer, six pieces of flash, and six handles of whiskey.  It was opening night of the show, the place was packed and people were hyped on the custom machines inside, but there was a buzz growing and a line forming around the van. We let a few know that we would be giving $20 One Show tattoos and the word spread. Once we started, the line wouldn’t stop.


As the night raged on, the whiskey quickly dwindled, and we picked the last in line to get tattooed. The opening night was a huge success and we were very proud to be part of the One Show, but something seemed missing. That’s when someone pulled the secret stash of Roman candles out of the van. Flaming balls of fire in the sky brought an end to opening night of Chrome’s very first One Motorcycle Show. Next year we’ll bring more whiskey.