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Events / Familia / Races, Alley Cats & Comps / Apr 20, 2012

All Jacked Up: Red Bull Ride and Style 2012

©Red Bull

Each year since 2010 the World’s Best Fixed gear riders and thousands of fans flock to San Francisco’s Justin Herman Plaza for the Red Bull Ride and Style. In a field comprised of 30 of the fastest track/ messengers and 30 of the gnarliest Fixed Freestyle pros, the Ride and Style is becoming one of the most anticipated events in Urban biking.  Mixed with legendary street artists, the course is designed beautifully with signature paint styles and ride-able art.

Chrome partnered with Red Bull to make last year’s epic. We kicked of the fixed gear weekend with a Official Ride and Style Registration Party.

Riders from all over the country and a few from countries like Japan and Europe including fixed freestyle heads Marco, Nasty, and Simon Gomok came to our HUB to sign up and receive their registration packet.

As part of the packet we designed and developed a very small, one-time, exclusive rider’s bag. This bag you may have seen in the streets or in passing but, to bring you up to speed we basically took the Red Bull logo and chopped it into 60 (each different) Yalta roll tops.


The Red Bull logo is just too epic to pass up. Hell, how do you expect us to collab on a bag of this magnitude? Red Bull dropped a dude from space. We chopped a logo. Fair? We think it evens out.

Pre night of the Ride and Style event there was a mini-drome qualifying  racing at the Mezzanine Bar. The field of riders was wired. Austin horse came to throw down but to much surprise the wide bars and fgfs setups that were racing seemed to take over the course. Riders went flying over the sides, some total carnage, and fast pace speeds.

The day of the event was epic. Familia members Ed Wonka and Massan populated the field of invited riders. Both threw down hard and represented well like they always do. Amongst the field, fans witnessed some monumental moments for fixed gears. Boothby through down three backflips, and Chrome’s own Kenny Arimoto did an acid drop from the judges table only to later in his run eventually overshoot a rail, knock himself out, and break his collarbone. He rejected the ambulance however and came back to the party.

Respectively, Josh Boothby took the win in fixed freestyle and Addison Zawadi came out of nowhere to win the track portion. We’re already looking forward to the 2013 Ride and Style. You should be stoked for it to. If you can get the time to make it out on May 4th, 2013 then you will see what is the current level of riding that is driving the world of Urban biking.