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Events / MOTOR / SF HUBS / Stories / Oct 2, 2014

Recap: Rob Williamson’s Motorcycle Photo Show at Chrome Mission

Check out the video of Rob Williamson’s Motorcycle Photo Show that went down at our Mission HUB in SF on 9/18/14. Thanks to everyone who came out and all those who tried to hangout but couldn’t get in. Rad recap written by our very own Greg Weissel:


A lone motorcycle rider stopped in the middle of a two lane road, gold tinged hills rolling behind him. A grinning rider parked next to a giant cactus in Mexico. Faces smiling from underneath half face helmets next to a engorged river. A lone rider, his front wheel lifted off the pavement on a lonely stretch of pavement.

Just a few of the epic collection of photos hanging on the walls at 962 Valencia St. The third Thursday of September 2014, artist Rob Williamson unveiled a collection of motorcycle photographs at the Chrome SF Mission HUB. Ever since Rob got his M1, he’s been riding. And where he goes, his camera goes. Rob and his camera have traversed our great state and beyond, going on runs with likeminded individuals in all of the cardinal directions. He was kind enough to share some of his stunning portraits, incredible landscapes, and the very human moments of life on the road.

Outside the Chrome Store on Valencia there were motorcycles lined up, bicycles chained to anything and everything, kids hanging out on stoops, people from the café next door intermingling with the partygoers who had stepped outside to smoke, and most importantly: a single mobile toilet. Our friendly security guard checked IDs and reminded guests that their free PBRs were not allowed to pass the threshold of the building. Walk through the doors and you saw a beautifully restored 70’s panhead chopper chilling in the middle of a swarm of talking people gawking at photos and queueing for refills. Brian from Pabst made sure everyone had enough to drink, and for this we thank him.

We also must thank everyone who come out on a Thursday and hung out and drank beers and looked at photos and super thanks if you bought one from Rob. Thanks to the SF Mission HUB crew for throwing a hell of a party, keeping up with the crowds, and for all the unfun end of party clean up stuff that has to be done. And of course Rob Williamson. Thanks for sharing some of your amazing photos with us, with your friends, with San Francisco, with the world. Check out more of Rob’s photos at www.robistall.com