UjDTV0urDetbEVL_AB7YkXnSBO1bcGGD1x_hzcORvmg Ride N Style Photographed by Bobby Sanchez Anytime we get to be a part of people getting rad on their bikes it’s a win in our book. So, when our pals at Red Bull asked us if we would, once again, join them for their annual Fixed Gear Free Style event, we answered  “Hell yes we will!” Hell yes we’ll host registration at our new Mission Hub>>. Hell yes we’ll park Vanna Black (the Chrome Van) at Red Bull Ride n Style and party down. Hell yes we’ll eat those burritos. Where’s the hot sauce? We were so there. The day before the event, we hosted rider registration at our slightly new, slightly used Mission Hub.ridenstyle We have been part of Red Bull Ride n Style since day one. In the past, we were all about making custom bags for the riders. This year, we decided to change it up a bit and give registered riders a pair of our new Forged Rubber Camo Sneakers because, as they say, variety is the spice of life. Well, that and we made these sick new sneakers and wanted to get them on some fast feet. ridenstyle2 All the familiar players showed ready to sign up and slip into something more comfortable (our new Forged Rubber Sneakers). Think Cinderella meets Taxi Driver. Last year, we hosted the rider registration party at our SOMA Hub and it was busted by the cops, so this year we tried to keep it mellow … keyword: tried. The booze found its way to us and soon enough everyone was sippin’ on the stoop. When you party like we do, no matter how much you try to fight it, the party finds you. What’s that you say? A leopard can’t change its spots? ytHK4tne5D6gpE5E2YjWgIe6nN22Lr5otFLqOBqY6cs After surviving registration, we were up with the sun and on our way to Justin Herman Plaza for the main event. The qualifying race was a solo time trial. It was fun and all because it gave the crowd a look at how the course is ridden, but the excitement started when riders were two up. xkEF3SHMHRe7GrhlT-DMTf_nZLSD6PLSBAeWEk092vg k7NS5TjgXiF5El3ONrnv7J1MJ60dI_qdb5J6CXpobSM With riders racing two up, there were interesting bike pairings. A lot track bike verses FGFS bike, but the king of the ring was definitely FGFS. The riders carved the back berm on the inside line, shaving time and building speed, and at times it was elbow-to-elbow action. No one knows that better than Austin Horse who took a big spill after duking it out around a turn. The competition was fierce, but what’s a little competition between friends? The underlying vibe was good times in the sun. nyqUWWGCv7bo3B-hQZ7nLrzeNoUhfjmSfuhzVw9IUcI bzrV_QnjNLZCFQSbPgRt52TskRbiNs7mgc-sBWrVbJE Who doesn’t love a good product toss? Jerks, that’s who. All that racin’ and tee shirt tossing got the crowd primed and hyped up for the freestyle portion of the competition. Riders had 90 seconds to get out there and flex their athletic and freestyle prowess … and flex they did. 7IxtYvz1-izl6bQkIqXYRVspApBzkTrA3q5NBAbhL7U NB_NiUmF3cO00oSXm7chmHpNwehQ_qTbWQ4rF5g2qds aTcoewHrgEXYip7Ds7HsUCfyKxOC-7YqZO4xHLDLTbc Red Bull Ride n Style Judges judging. 3pXXlmdfElVikYTO6qf7647_CFLfT2z9MhsRnKLxdIk 4fL3WBaPabPxxOIqwKt-CSg-EwqwMiP_fgdLzkp7YHI Z2IcLb6yMANWlKYrfTtaRQaKHq1kL0cvvUZaZGFiimw After all the sweet jumps, all the hang time, all the spills, and all of the thrills, the results were in. TRACK RESULTS: 1st – Addison Zawada 2nd – Matt Reyes 3rd – Hernan Montenegro 4th – Kenny Arimoto 9ziZAGcNYgfkmsY9-39aI4M6JzQ7IWkG-WrCN5ZdIMU FIXED FREESTYLE RESULTS: 1st  – Matt Reyes 2nd – Jonathan Ball 3rd – Jakob Santos c-nRiJdXSu5_m54_ZGSF7pM6HaN2Ip9vV2gwuINCGMU The sun was shining down on 2014’s Red Bull Ride n Style. No one got seriously injured. The secret beer in the cooler lasted right up until the very end of the event and eventually the savvy pizza delivery guy navigated his way to the top of the Chrome Van – he was tipped handsomely for his efforts. You couldn’t ask for a better day, or you could, but you’d be super greedy.

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