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Stupor Bowl 17 | Minneapolis

At the 17th Annual Stupor Bowl, racers from across the country partied and rode as one — some just faster and drunker than others.

Stupor Bowl Flyer

The weekend was kicked off with a Stupor Bowl Pre-Registration Party hosted by Handsome Cycles, Chrome Industries, and Grain Belt Brewery. Seeing old friends, making new ones, and preloading the liver was top priority for all attendees. The bold souls who rode down to sign-up were rewarded with free beer, a first look at the Handsome Shop’s new Chrome build out (our shop within their shop), our new line of Reflective Camo, and an invite only race.

Stupor Bowl Pre-Registration
Stupor Bowl Pre-Registration Party at Handome Cycles

The next morning brought with it glacial temperatures, that are typical of the “City of Frozen Lakes.” Meanwhile, well-prepared racers from around the country converged on One On One Bikes wearing their best coveralls and cover-mosts to register for race.

Once registered, racers were given manifests. The only rub? The manifest just listed addresses. As racers planned their routes, familiar pit stops and neighborhood bars started to reveal themselves, and conversations turned to which locations were too far and what bars had the better drink specials. As the racers roll out to the secret starting line, temperatures started to

plummet and beardsicles began to take shape.

Stupor Bowl Race
The 17th Annual Stupor Bowl: Race Day

A few paparazzi photos leaked of the Chrome checkpoint and the hoard took notice. Most notably our custom, LTD bandanas painstakingly screen printed by Kyle and Ashley of The Alt, one of Chrome’s first brand supporting retailers. As racers approached our checkpoint, they were invited to roll the dice for a shot of Malort, Jagermeister, or Fireball to warm their insides. Our Christmas tree bonfire took care of their outsides, and Lucid Brewery provided the fireside brews.

The after party was hosted by Crooked Pint, and after miles of tundra-like terrain riders were stoked to thaw their fingers, toes, and nose hairs. Once 8pm hit, the award ceremony was underway. First place winners were awarded a one-of-one champ bag. Minneapolis local, Jana Velo took home a Chrome custom salvage, Stupor Bowl 17 Citizen; sewed in our Chicago Hub using a U.S. military blanket that was made at Faribault Mills in Faribault, MN.

Defined by speed, snow, and stupor The Stupor Bowl continues to earn its moniker as “Americas Drunkest Bike Race.” We want to give a huge shout out to Rodger and Sean for organizing this great event. Stay warm out there and see you next year!

See You Next Year

Stupor Bowl Race Standings:
Men’s Speed
1st Randall Dietel
2nd Erin Young
3rd Young Kristian

Women’s Speed
1st Jana Velo
2nd Annie
3rd Chelsea

Men’s Stupor
1st David Smith
2nd Andy L
3rd Bobby Brown

Women’s Stupor
1st Nicki M
2nd Stephanie A
3rd Jess B