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Events / Featured (Home Page) / Stories / Oct 9, 2013

Still Scraping All the Sand Out… Chrome did Interbike.

We’re home from the desert and after scraping all the sand out of our hair and running our soiled clothes through the wash a million times we just have to say: Vegas was a blast.

Interbike 2013 will be on for the record books. From the bike nuts to free beer, the party never stopped. Interbike is what happens when the entire cycling industry shuts down for a week and everyone flocks to Sin City for an insider look at upcoming product releases and the “best of best” in bikes. It’s a time to chill with distant friends, flex your stuff, and drool over everything you’ll be going broke spending your cash on in the upcoming seasons.

For Chrome, it’s an all-hands-on-deck team effort of late nights, early mornings , and even later nights. We go all out each year but this year was a chance to one up ourselves…. again.  Between an army of Chrome workers and help from some of our close friends like Bern Helmets, Thor from Portland’s See See Motorcycles, and Colorado printing powerhouse Indyink the show went down like a premium shot of whiskey.

70 Years in the Making we brought one of our salvaged #ForgedRubber (click the hashtag for the lockedcog.com video recap) shoe machines and handcrafting shoes one by one on the booth floor. Each shoe was made one by one vs. traditional mass production styles. You don’t know what fresh rubber forged onto canvas smells like until the smell kicks you in your upper nostrils. That smell lets you know you’ve made something real and it is good.

Two of our makers from the SF and CHI hubs flew out and hunkered down on the Juki sewing machines for the entire 3 day event. Morgen and Caroline stayed head down and constructed hand-sewn custom Interbike Barrage cargo bags in front on thousands of industry passerbys.

We started out each morning with some Chrome Cold Cocked Coffee. Brewed the previous night inside the #ChromeOne RV by Veronika from our SF Chrome Coffee bar hooked up ice coffee enlivened with whiskey for the few who were lucky to grab a cup via word of mouth. Once the clock hit noon we tapped into a chill hour(s) of free beer from the RV’s draft in exchange for donations to Kevin “Squid” Bolger’s NY Bicycle Messenger Relief Foundation. Big shout out to Bern for teaming up and throwing in $500 for the 2 Keg Challenge. (Chrome vs. Bern- who could kill a keg quickest) Chrome crushed it but we know Bern had fun competing. Posted up in front of the Urban Cycling Hall of Fame wall in our area (hall of fame items that were mailed in and collected this past summer during the #WrenchedNationTour), IndyInk braved the Colorado floods and came out to team up and print #UCHOF shirts. For a small donation, people were able to “pick their bars” and color for a one of kind shirt. Donations for this went straight to Lucas Brunelle’s Bicycle Messenger Emergency Fund. Donations for both Messenger funds collected over the 3 day show topped out at a combined total of $5k. Thank you to all who copped a shirt and/ or drank some beer, messengers all over the world thank you too.

Thor from See See Motorcyles lent us a dirt turned cafe bike on which we showcased our upcoming Chrome Motor gear. It was a great fit since we relied on Thor to provided expert advice and on-bike road testing.

From the birds nest on the roof of #ChromeOne, bike-industry DJs took stage. Big thanks to our DJs: Jeff Frane from All-City,  D*Pow of Portland Design Works, Amanda Sundvor and #Palmer3000, and Don G. John$on kept the party turnt up. Plus a guest appearance from BlocBoi Fame!

So many thanks to shout and moments to mention we may have missed some. Thank you to all we me drank with and met. You were golden.  Thanks to our Instagram followers who had to put up with the Interbike posts. Thank you to our friends who helped us build and got the party rolling. Until next year, start preparing and we’ll see you in the desert.