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Chrome x Red Bull Ride and Style 2013


By now, you’ve most likely read all the great write ups about Red Bull Ride and Style 2013, seen the Wheel Talk recap video collab with #CFTY (Can’t Fool The Youth) and Omar Sebai, and trolled the thousands of photos that have surfaced from friends, homies, and bike teams. Most of which, has been captured and displayed in the absolute best way it could. We’ve been replaying Wheel Talk’s vid over and over.

Ride and Style came with great force this year bringing international rider’s like Jaoa and Dew from Thailand, Ricardo Lino from Portugal, Simon Gomok from the UK, and fans from across the US including Canada plus Japan. To say the least, SF had a packed house of fixed gear riders.

We got the pleasure of working again with the awesome dude[s] at Red Bull in collaborating another custom rider’s bag, the registration party, and our Chrome Pits the day of the event.

The rider’s bag this year was a mix of our Snow Yalta and graffiti artists Risk and Sam Flores. In which, were transformed into canvases for both to paint freely.

Two more artists Insa and Tristan Eaton worked together and all 4 created the Ride and Style ramp masterpieces. When we first got a private viewing of the ramps during construction the paint was sick, but come the day of the event as they sat in the SF sun, that shit was mesmerizing.

We brought our van and got stuff going in the fan section. Popped up a pits area for riders and friends to chill. It ended up being the main point of party in the open to public area. By the time freestyle came around, the entire top of our van was populated.

The Familia represented and Massan won his first few heats. The dude is sheer power yet makes it look so smooth and easy. Most people can’t touch his style.

Wonka provided expert eyes from the judges tower along side his homies Edwin De La Rosa and Kris Fay from Lockedcog.com. He brought the fixed freestyle knowledge and adding a true rider’s perspective to this year’s judging format.

The fast bike dudes were burning the corners and freestyle proved to be yet another monumental advance for the sport. Even our own Kenny Arimoto was in the mix and bomb dropped the judges tower.

Something different this year though was that we created a Wrenched Edition Rider’s Guide for the event. We handed out free zine’s with all the invited athletes photos, past champions, and a description of the bracket and points system format. Check below for the digital version:

In the end it was just like Ride and Style #1. Macaframa’s Jason Clarey took the overall for Race and Slumworm aka Matt Reyes who pedals Specialized took the Freestyle victory.

Everyone seemed to have a great time and we sure as hell did too. Red Bull always is a great time to re-connect with old friends and even meet new ones. We’re already looking forward to 2014. Let’s keep this shit rolling.

Wheel Talk R/S recap:

2013 Red Bull Ride + Style from Matt Reyes on Vimeo.