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coveted jersey / Races, Alley Cats & Comps / Mar 25, 2011

Introducing the Chrome Coveted Jersey 2011


The custom jersey’s we’ve been working on for the past few months just came in. We did a very limited run of these…only 200. Huge thanks to Garret Chow for the rad design…Yes, that would be a 40 in the back pocket. Unfortunately, these aren’t available for purchase. The only way to score one is by winning an alley cat, gold sprint, sprint, skid contest or any other event that we may be sponsoring.

This is the Coveted Jersey from Chrome. If you are the proud owner of this jersey, it means that you have been victorious. Perhaps you won an alleycat…a trick contest … a sprint … a polo match. Whichever is was, we at Chrome are proud of you and your accomplishments. This jersey is a testament to the fact. The Coveted Jersey cannot be purchased. It si not give away freely. It must be earned … and you have earned it. Wear it proudly.

We’re sorry the 40 in the back pocket isn’t cold. We just figured that chances are likely that you’re a dirtbag and wouldn’t care one way of the other. Just follow these  easy steps: Wear the Jersey on a good five hour ride after a night of drinking. When finished with the ride, take the jersey off. Raise it above your head with both arms outstretched and pull it taught. Make a twisting motion with your hands, look up and open your mouth. Mmm mmm, delicious.