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coveted jersey / Events / MPLS HUB / Races, Alley Cats & Comps / Stories / Nov 19, 2014

Chrome MPLS HUB Grand Opening Party

Photography by Heather Byington

After we spent a week and a half of getting settled into our new Chrome MPLS HUB, we sent out word to the locals that it was time to christen our new spot with a party … a party that would leave eyes crossed and ears ringing. We knew we had to come proper. The people in the Minnesota rage, so we got enough beer to put down an elephant and enough tacos to feed a small village or enough tacos to feed an elephant and enough beer for a small village. Either one works. 20141115-HLB_7443

We invited our friends from Taco Cat, Minneapolis’ bike-only food delivery service, to set up shop and sling some tasty eats. Chrome bought two tacos for the first 100 people, because we are nice like that and also because drinking on an empty stomach is not how one wins at partying.



Glam Doll made us a couple dozen custom donuts that paired with the tacos quite nicely. Magnifique!

You know what also goes well with donuts? No, not cops. Beer!


Lynlake Brewery kept the beer flowing like wine and all night the beautiful women flocked like the salmon of Capistrano. We had six kegs to get through which may sound like a lot to some, but for us six is the magic number.


Pay no attention to this guy. He’s drunk.


No party is complete without sweet jams so The Wolf Council came to melt our collective faces. Have you ever noticed that metal bands seem to rock harder when there is a smoke machine? Yeah, so did we so we got one and then put an 11-year-old kid in charge of it telling him not to hit the button too much.


He hit the button too much.


Not only was this night our Chrome MPLS Grand Opening Party, it was also the after party/awards ceremony for House Part Cat 7. If you are not familiar, House Party Cat is an alleycat that involves drinking games at the check points so you have to be 21+ to race. This year the race was a benefit for the 2015 NACCC in Denver. Friends helping friends is what it’s all about.20141115-HLB_7650

Max Severson won House Party Cat 7 and is the new proud owner of our Chrome Coveted Jersey. The dude is a crusher.20141115-HLB_7664


Oh, what a party! We could’ve stopped there, called it a night, and felt pretty good about our Chrome MPLS HUB’s debut, but that ain’t us, Baby! If you walked past the donuts, past the tacos, through the band, past the kegs, and through the back door, you’d see our alley annex party.


Sure, we had outdoor patio heaters we rented in preparation for the night’s frigid temperature, but those weren’t as cool as being able to create your own heat by setting objects on fire. Totally legal. Our friends and next door neighbors, One on One Bicycle Studio, lent us their BMX sidehack for a winner take all race. 20141115-HLB_7705

The track was a figure 8. Coupled with the snow, it made for a lot work for the rider in the side hack.


Almost like we planned it, which we did, the 6th keg was drained and we slowly turned on all the lights as to politely say “go home”.  Thank you Minneapolis for the warm welcome. Get the joke? Because it’s cold there? We’re excited to be in Minnesota and are already looking for another excuse to host another rager, so let your liver rest a bit until next time.