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coveted jersey / Events / Races, Alley Cats & Comps / Stories / Feb 28, 2014

Call For 2014 Coveted Jersey Races


Is your race coveted? If you’re organizing a race in 2014 and want the winner to get a Coveted Jersey, give us a shout. We are currently accepting requests from race organizers around the world. It doesn’t have to be the biggest race, just rad. Alley Cat, fixed crit, pumptrack jam, gold sprints, it doesn’t matter. They’re all welcome, but we’ve only got 100 jerseys, so get to it.

In 2013, the Chrome Coveted Jersey was awarded to the nations top riders in races large and small: the Cutting crew Classic in Chicago, the Quake City Rumble in San Francisco, a impromptu drag race during Interbike in Las Vegas and the Wolfpack Hustle series in Los Angeles, Babes in Bikeland in Minneapolis, the nationwide Where the Hell is Waldo races and many more. You can also spot winners of the Chrome Coveted Jersey in places like the Netherlands, Malaysia, Toronto, and Mexico.

Join the Ranks of Deserving Races

Fill out the form below or email us at covetedjersey@chrome.wpengine.com

That’s it. 2014 is going to be sick!