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Stories / TOKYO HUB / Collabs / Apr 1, 2019

Limited Release: Sense & Shibuya Signature Citizen

Sense & Shibuya Signature Citizen: Rays of Hope for the City

Both Yoshinori “Sense” Sakamaki and Tadaomi Shibuya have been bringing their kinetic styles to galleries across the globe since the early 2000s. Their first collaborative piece together is this design for our legendary Citizen bag. Sense and Shibuya call the design “Rays of Hope for the City”.

The Sense & Shibuya Citizen is limited to 100 bags in the United States.

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“Together, Sense & Shibuya express the beats of the city today and the new breath of tomorrow. The light emerging from the two energies will convert negativity into positivity, and enlighten the bright future.”


After following his passion for snowboarding and playing guitar in a band, Yoshinori “Sense” Sakamaki discovered his true calling: art. His art, which he often does in live settings as a part of exhibitions or even rock shows, combines organic, natural themes with the lines of graffiti and the urban landscape. Sense has collaborated with legendary American graffiti artist STASH on a project here in Portland as well as projects in places as far-flung as Taipei, Latvia and Dubai.

Incorporating a geometric, street style to his kinetic portraits, Tadaomi Shibuya‘s unique artwork captures the energy and movement of all of his subjects. Influenced by hip hop culture and comic books, Shibuya has done portraits of everyone from the Wu Tang Clan to Iron Man to Michael Jordan. In addition to designing the Givenchy crest, his work has been featured on basketball shoes, AirJordan tees and in galleries from Tokyo to Paris to LA and beyond.

“The mix of deep, dark colors expresses the rays of hope that exist in the darkest and emptiest places.”

Sense & Shibuya Citizen