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Collabs / Stories / Apr 20, 2018

Mighty Crown x Cardiel x Chrome – The Mighty Crown ORP

Mighty Crown x Cardiel x Chrome: The Mighty Crown ORP

Anyone who knows Cards knows he’s been a reggaehead since way back. After meeting Japanese reggae soundsystem legends Mighty Crown a few years ago, an idea was born.

Hear the story from the man himself:


I was in Japan for the Chrome Tokyo Hub opening, and I was DJing. I had brought a bunch of reggae records, cause that’s what I usually spin and I found out that there was this old-school reggae show going down. It was Stone Love and Mighty Crown which are two of the dopest soundsystems and they were playing in Yokohama.

So I hit up my friend Singo and he was like, “Yo I’m going out to Yokohama to see the show, you wanna roll?” and of course I’m like, “Fuck Yeah!” When we got there we ran into Julian, who does the art for Mighty Crown and all the sudden we’re going through all these like…secret doors and I’m just like, I was just going there to check out the show but now I’m in this crazy backstage room.

They tell me to have a seat and just relax but I’m just kinda tripping ‘cause I don’t speak Japanese and then in walks Mighty Crown, Simon and Sami-T and the boys. Now, I’ve been following them for years and they’ve done bike collaborations and stuff. They were telling me that they loved snowboarding and they knew me from my snowboarding era and we got down on some snow talk and just vibed.

Once the show started I got to hang behind the stage with the cats from Stone Love, check out Mighty Crown’s setup and their records and the way they DJ. I was just overwhelmed cause this was their hometown crowd and they’re just throttling on all cylinders. But at a certain point I had to hop the fence and head over to the speaker wall and just get slammed by music, it was awesome.

Next day we blazed down to Rocker’s Island Records in Osaka with Masaki and Guchi from Chrome Japan and we’re just talking about shit and we came up with the idea to do a collab with Mighty Crown and the next thing you know it was happening. It was just like a natural mystic, you know?

Check the Mighty Crown x Cardiel x Chrome ORP

Mighty Crown’s Masta Simon Doing His Thing

Mighty Crown x Cardiel x Chrome

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