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Stories / Sep 26, 2011

Meet The Makers – NYC

This month, we’re rolling out with a three-part series, “Meet the Makers,” profiling our in-house sewing personalities at Chrome NYC, SF, & CHICAGO. Check back each week to read about the Maker closest to you.
We begin with the mastermind behind Chrome NYC’s Custom Bag program, Briana Thomas.

Tell us about the city in which you live & why it’s the best.
I live in NYC. Originally, I wrote about a page then decided no one would read all that, so I edited it down: 24 hour bodegas.
You could probably be knee-deep with other design gigs, considering your skillset. What drew you to Chrome, in particular?
My background is in fashion design and something I couldn’t stand about the industry was the self-importance and overall crazy egos. Chrome is the total opposite of that. Plus, it’s upfront about where and how it’s products are made which I find really refreshing.
There might be those unfamiliar with our Custom Bag program. Care to explain it?
Simply and quickly you can choose every color of every panel of our small or medium messenger bags. Buckle color, velcro color, tape, the possibilities are basically endless – come talk to me!
What makes a Chrome bag so tough? What’s the secret?
Well, for starters: material. Super strong, resilient fabric, hardware, even tough nylon-coated thread. And love, of course
Fixed or freewheel?
Freewheel. I’ve had a heavy, clunky, old Schwinn Crusier for forever. What can I say? I love coasting.
Encountered any ridiculous Custom Bag requests in your time? Anything you’ve ever taken someone up on?
Dog bags. People really, really, want bags they can put their animals in…maybe on a really slow day…I don’t want the death of anyone’s poodle on my hands…
You offer an assortment of patches as a final touch to someone’s custom bag, if they so desire. Which ones are the most popular?
I got my hands on some vintage skateboarding patches, those were cool and went really fast. I liked those.
Best place to see a show in NYC?
The best place to see a show WAS Market Hotel but they got closed down, so I’ll go with Death by Audio.
Favorite bar? Best Jukebox?
Even though I won’t go on weekends now, The Levee is still a favorite. Free candy, free cheeseballs, and cheap drinks will always bring me out there. (Gatorita!)
Any final remarks?
Just a thanks to all the awesome customers who come by to hangout! And those who bring us treats like cookies and fresh baked bread! And a shout out to all my buddies: Jason, Kris, Tijon and Dana who I get to spend so much time at work with, I LOVE YOU GUYS!