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SEA HUB / Stories / Nov 12, 2014

Meet the Maker: Chrome Customs SEA Bag Maker, Tyda

I go by Tyda, it is pronounced TEE-DUH: (@Tyda1)

The Great City of Roses Portland, Oregon

My title is a Maker of All Things Design. I freelance graphics, photography, apparel and accessories.

43cm Fuji Track-SE & an Schwinn Caliente that rides on 24’s. I am pint-sized and ride a pint-sized bike. I am a destroyer of hills.


  • 54/40 or Fight – Dead Moon
  • Daylight – Aesop Rock
  • The House of The Rising Sun – The Animals
  • Hello Dearest Love – The Appleseed Cast
  • Die Die my Darling -The Misfits

How did you get started sewing and making things?
When I was younger I would watch my mom sew every day. I grew curious and was amazed with all the possibilities of making anything your heart desired. I first started sewing at about 9 years old and learned on a Juki industrial sewing machine. At 16, my interests started to grow into photography and graphics. When I got my first job, I would spend my paycheck to fund my hobbies. My parents thought I was absolutely insane when I looked forward to spending my money buying fabrics or filling my tank full of gas to go take pictures. To this day I spend my days off looking at fabrics or drafting up patterns.


What’s your favorite DIY project? I have a ton of DIY projects that I love, but currently it would have to be crocheting hats. It’s instant gratification cause I can make one in about two hours.

What Chrome Customs project has been your favorite and why:
I am a big fan of lots of color and patterns. It was for a birthday gift, but she wanted a true custom. A few days later she showed up with this amazing fabric. Now she’s running around Seattle with a great one-of-a-kind bag. Also recently, I have been able to work with some Pendleton fabric. My first Military Salvage bag was also a favorite of mine. It makes me feel great to take something that has a ton of history in someone’s life and make it in to something they can use everyday and be proud to show people.


Have you encountered any odd #ChromeCustoms bag requests? Has there ever been anything really crazy?
I always get requests for more attachment points, different bags to attach on to their current one. It’s what I call a bag on bag, bag in a bag, and pockets in pockets.

What made you want to work at Chrome? How’d you get this Chrome Customs gig?
When I was younger and started to ride bikes more often, I drooled over Chrome bags. At some point, I made a statement that it would be great to work for Chrome making or doing anything design-wise. I started at Chrome PDX (I MISS YOU GUYS!) then after a year, I heard Chrome Seattle was opening and decided to make the move off the floor and into Chrome Customs doing what I love to do. I’m glad I made the decision to move. I love my job, but I sure do miss my family and friends.


What’s your favorite off-the-shelf Chrome product and why?

Over the years, my bags have gotten smaller and smaller. I really love the custom hip pouch I made for myself. Also the Urban Ex 18 Knurled Welded, its lightweight, fits well for my size, and most of all, I cannot wait to take it down the river kayaking or floating!

What keeps you up at night?
I am in the midst of planning my bike tour for next year Seattle to Portland to San Francisco it will be one hell of a ride. All things that revolve around textiles, colors and patterns, but as of late, crocheting hats and designing my tiny house.

Any shout outs?
My best friends of all time Ashli, Jake, Tara, Lea and Lucy. My super large extended family especially Savoeun, Kevin, Ruthie, Steve, Andrew, and Alec. But most of all my biggest fan MY MOMMA. Also, to the greatest people I lost last year MY DAD and GRANDMOTHER. Chrome PDX, Chrome SEA, everyone at Chrome Industries I dig all of you guys. Chrome Coffee Bar for creating and fueling my coffee habit. All my friends and family. Also to heartbreaks, bad jokes, margaritas and late night, summer bike rides.
PROST! I’M OUT! (drops the mic!)