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NYC HUB / Sep 15, 2014

Meet the Maker: Chrome NYC’s Bag Maker, Thomas Ando-Hart


Name: Thomas Ando-Hart
Birthplace: NYC
Bikes: 1972 Peugeot PX-10
’70s Peugeot UO-8
‘The kinda broken bike assembled out of broken bikes’ bike.

Hobby: Learning how to DIY everything one could possibly do (I’ve gotten pretty good at cutting my own hair).
5 movies you want if you were stranded on an Island:
Ratatouille – In case I find a rat that can cook.
Jurassic Park – In case of dinosaurs.
Hell in the Pacific – In case I’m sharing the island with an enemy, and it’s 1945 by way of time-travel.
Lord of the Flies – In case it’s a really crowded island
Cast Away – #protips

How did you get your start?
I thought I could do better than what other fashion designers were making, and also wanted to be able to make my own jeans. So I applied to and got into a very ‘exclusive’ menswear program.

What brought you to Chrome?
I was browsing a social network and saw a picture that a bike messenger friend posted of the ‘Sewer Wanted’ sign. I live a hop, skip away so went on by. I always admired other people’s Chrome bags, and I was pleasantly surprised by how nice of a company it turned out to be. It’s really nice making bags for people who are really excited when they come to pick them up.

You’ve been making custom bags at the Chrome HUB in New York City for a little while now, what bags have you made that’ve been your favorite?
The first thing that I wanted to make was a bag with the color scheme and seal of the NYC flag. That’s still a work-in-progress, but the Mexican flag bag that I made with the same pattern pieces was nice to have in the window during the Italian street festival that happens on our street. The fellow of Mexican descent who bought it was thrilled to see it.


In addition to being the NYC HUB’s bag maker, you also have your own clothing line. Can you tell us a bit about it?
I’m currently in the retooling phase with that. I consistently refer to it as avant-garde ready-to-wear. I don’t think that clothing has to make a statement. If you find something that really becomes you, that’s the best.

Describe your perfect day in 4 sentences.
Learning something new.
Creating something new.
Eating an ingredient-wise well mixed burrito.
Having fun and being happy.


What’s the most unique request you’ve received for a Chrome Custom bag?
Dog Holsters.

What is your favorite Chrome bag?
I enjoy my ‘named by a Star Trek fan’ bag. In New York you instinctively take a lock with you when you bike, and I kept finding myself wearing a giant bag with nothing in it other than a lock. So it’s really nice that I can holster my lock in the Chekhov and also carry a few other things if I need.

What are you the most proud of?
My odd sense of humility.

What keeps you up at night?
Those great ideas and thoughts that I’ll definitely, for sure remember in the morning.