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Oct 17, 2018

PDX HUB: Chrome + Chris King Pre-Party 2018


With everyone in town for the 2018 Chris King Open House we decided to team up and throw a party at the PDX HUB the night before the main event. We supplied the drinks (well actually PBR did), the people supplied the party and the Chrome Van supplied indoor vibes in an outdoor setting. Most excellent, especially when you’re looking for a couch to hang out on. We loaded the van up with some historic bags from over the years and brought along the photo booth which is also most excellent for making memories with friends. Shout out to friends, aaaand shout out to everyone at the HUB for helping make this happen.

Scroll through and check out a handful of photos that our very own Stephen Willis and Matt Reyes took throughout the night.

Things were getting pretty crowded inside, which made the wide sidewalks out front a welcoming place to be.

Cold cans courtesy of our companions at Pabst Blue Ribbon.

Sam Allgood delivered the goods and put on a show out front of the hub. He pulled all the stops, everything from keos to these crazy wheelie combos. It was a sight to see.

(LEFT) Chris Distefano next to the infamous “Chris Distefano” T-Shirt. We’ve heard stories about it and were stoked to see somebody wearing one at the Party. (RIGHT) Shout out to the Chrome Custom sewers at the SF, SEA, CHI & NYC HUBS for making these bags for the event. We’ll have more photos to share out of those later.

This image of Dustin Klein was “mood af” by the end of the night.

Chris King himself.

Headwear for your headset. Chris Distefano handed out these old Chrome hats with Chris King top caps velcroed to them. You got to pick what anodized top cap you wanted and he’d slap it on your mellon. Here’s a shot of Dan Cheever / Stan Beaver / Chevil / Chevil Kinevil with his.

Just as it began, it was over. The three hours in which the party took place, flew by and before we knew it, it was already time to boogie. “You don’t have to go home, but you can’t stay here, so pack it up and we’ll see y’all at the Chris King open house tomorrow”