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Built for This / Products / Stories / Apr 2, 2018

The PowerPlate Propulsion Shank – Power to the Pedal

PowerPlate: Power to the Pedal

Whether you’re cruising into work or crushing crosstown rides all day long, having the right footwear for the ride is crucial. With that in mind, we added a secret weapon to our shoes. Meet the PowerPlate Propulsion Shank:

What does it do?

  • More power to each pedal stroke
  • Increases arch support
  • Reduces foot fatigue
  • Softens footfalls at the heel

How does it work?
After studying everything from hiking boots to ballet slippers we developed a rigid nylon shank that sits between the insole and the sole of our shoes. The shank gives extra stiffness from the heel of the shoe all the way up to the ball of your foot. That focuses all of the force of each downstroke on the spot where your shoe meets the pedal. The shank is also specially formed to improve arch support and keep your foot from bending over the pedal to reduce foot fatigue on longer rides. We also added an inset of super-soft rubber about the size of a half dollar (does anyone use half dollars anymore?) at the heel for extra comfort and cushion.

All Chrome Sneakers are Built with the PowerPlate Shank

Ride Hard. Kick Ass.