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BKLYN HUB / Stories / May 3, 2018

The Spot Check Kilo: Brooklyn

#ChromeSpotCheck Kilo Contest: Brooklyn

We’ve been blown away by all the dope spots and shots y’all have been throwing up on #ChromeSpotCheck. For our third Kilo we’re heading to the hometown of Basquiat, Jay-Z, Sandy Koufax and our newest Hub, Chrome BK.

From donut shops to dive bars, skate spots to record stores, our favorite cities are full of spots that make them unique. To share some of our favorite spots (and stuff) from our favorite places, we started the #ChromeSpotCheck contest where we’ll be giving out a Treadwell Kilo packed full of rad stuff from the cities that inspire us.

But sharing is a two-way street. To win one of these bad boys, all you have to do is get a dope pic of your favorite spot in your city, post it to IG with a little description of why it’s rad and the hashtag #chromespotcheck, follow us and you’re entered to win. On the last Friday of each month we’ll pick the best spot and award the packed out Kilo to the winner! Easy!

Chrome BK may be our newest store, but they’ve already got their own flavor, just a few blocks from the Williamsburg waterfront, Chrome BK has been throwing punk shows, art exhibits and putting out some pretty fresh Mets and Knicks inspired custom bags courtesy of custom sewer Koko. Chrome BK manager Jesse sent us a seriously rad bag of goodies from the Williamsburg hood:

  • A Bag of Thor House Blend from Oslo Coffee – Hand roasted and blended in Williamsburg with beans exclusively from environmentally and socially sustainable farms. The best coffee in BK.
  • A Bar of MAST Chocolate – Sustainably farmed, hand crafted chocolate from Brooklyn with a limited edition Fraggle Rock wrapper. Bliffinstimmers!
  • Stickers from KCDC Skate – For almost 20 years, KCDC’s been repping the BK skate community from their shop just a few blocks from our BK Hub. 
  • Riding Cap & Stickers from Ride Brooklyn – The name says it all, with a shop in Park Slope and another in Williamsburg, Ride Brooklyn’s got Brooklyn covered when it comes to cycling.
  • Bandanna & Pin from Pilgrim Surf + Supply – NY surfers are some of the most hardcore surfers out there, getting pitted in the chilly Atlantic. Pilgrim Surf + Supply carries everything from boards to beach gear in the heart of Williamsburg.
  • Pens & Stickers from The Levee – Chrome BK’s favorite watering hole, come for the beer, booze and pool, stay for the free cheez balls.
  • Custom Phone Pouch from Chrome BK – BK’s custom sewer, Koko, whipped together this dope little phone pouch just for you!

Check the Winner of Last Month’s Spot Check

From @bfreehill

The Bluebird Theater – Denver, CO

I chose the Bluebird theater in Denver as its still one of the best live music venues in Denver.
Visually it still retains its awesome vintage vibe which seems to be getting rare these days in our gentrified world.
Its cool that it looks almost the same as it did 25 years ago went I went to my first show there.

Check more of Brooks’ work at BrooksFreehill.com

So what are you waiting for? Get out there and show us your favorite spots.

For a full list of contest rules, check here.