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Mission Crit Recap

Apr 26, 2019 Race Recap: Mission Crit We had an amazing time at Mission Crit. We watched some nailbiter finishes, unveiled the newest design of the legendary Chrome Coveted Jersey and handed out foam middle fingers (and a few high fives to go with!) Stefan Schäfer took the win in the Men’s Finale for the second year in […]

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Races, Alley Cats & Comps

Crit Tips: 7 Pre-Race Essentials

Apr 24, 2019 Mission Critical Criterium Tips: 7 Pre-Race Essentials The collective wisdom of Shadow Elite Racing as told by Becca Book Last weekend was Mission Crit, which for many folks marks the beginning of race season. On top of that, the WTF race was billed as the feature event this year, which for even more of us marks […]

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Races, Alley Cats & Comps Stories

Red Hook Recap: Milan #9

Oct 11, 2018 Red Hook Recap: Milan #9 Words by: Charles Nicholson Photos by: The East London Fixed team Red Hook Crit Milano always feels like it was only yesterday. You can already hear the drumming on the boards. There’s a romance to coming back each year which no other Red Hook quite captures. Perhaps it’s because you […]

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