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MPLS Music Series – Metalapolis

Jul 20, 2016 When we started building local Chrome Hubs in cities all over the US we didn’t want to just build stores, we wanted to build community. Each of our hubs have their own spin on how they interact with local culture. We’re super hype on the MPLS Music Series that turns our Minneapolis Hub into an … Continued

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Meet the Maker: Chrome Customs MPLS Bag Maker, Rachel

Nov 19, 2014 NAME: Rachel Dye INSTAGRAM: @threadsntreadsmpls (photo credit to Lucas Winzenburg @bunyanvelo) HOMETOWN: Born in Midland, TX, moved to Farmington, MN in the early 90’s, been residing in Minneapolis since 2007. SIDE GIG(s): Bartender at Town Hall Brewery, owner/operator of Drifter Caps, and a seasonal winter job working for the Upper Midwest Alt Series, through USASA (United … Continued

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