For over 20 years, we've built our brand around cycling, art and community engagement. We recently got together with Cinelli Bikes and teamed up with a small handful of artists to bring all three of these elements together to give back. Each hand-painted, one of a kind Cinelli frame will be sold via auction in May. The proceeds of each frame will be donated to a charity of each artists' choosing.

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April 27th at 6:00pm EST to May 7th at 6:00pm EST

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While founding (and designing for) skate companies like SMA, Creature and Scarecrow, Russ also found time to do design work for companies like Duffs, Vans and Converse. Russ continues to combine his love for skating, cycling, the outdoors and art through his project The Thursday Man and his current skate company, Transportation Unit. Proceeds from Russ' custom frame will be donated to the Alzheimer's Association -



In addition to being one of Denver, Colorado's most well respected resident artists, Sam has also been a professional bike messenger for over 16 years. A longtime homie of the Chrome Crew since back in the Denver days, Sam combines his passion for cycling and art into something truly unique. Proceeds from Sam's custom frame will be donated to Wish for Wheels -



Born during the volcanic eruption of Mount St. Helens in the summer of 1980, Erik's work combines the aesthetics of rhythm and movement. Graduating with a BFA in illustration from San Jose State University, Otto quickly relocated to San Francisco for the next 12 years before recently moving to NYC. Proceeds from the sale of Erik's custom frame will be donated to Pedal Revolution-



Sean spent a decade as a New York messenger then mechanic before deciding to focus on product and media design in Portland. Creating work for brands like Rapha, Cinelli and Yonder Journal, Sean is currently running High Order, a freelance shop that produces graphic, product and event media. Proceeds from Sean's custom frame will be donated to Underdog Railroad -


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