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Nov 25, 2012

Rubbin Elbows: The Sub Floor Circuit


Photograph by Jacob Winfield

What do you say to a one off, one night only, cyclespeedway-ish race on the unused 4th floor above our Chrome PDX HUB other than, “hell yes”? Nothing, you say, “hell yes”. When our Chrome PDX crew saw the raw space above the shop they didn’t see future offices or downtown loft apartments. No, they saw a race track.

Chrome Subfloor Circuit from Jason Finn on Vimeo.

The Subfloor Circuit is a kind of race that is not for the faint of heart. Although dirty pool was highly discouraged, we all come from the school of thought that rubbin’ is, in fact, racin’. Needless to say when, the flag was dropped so was the hammer. Two riders up at a time sprinted into a turn, launched off a table top, and into a wall ride. With absolutely no pre riding of the course and everyone on new bikes provided by Globe, we saw spills and thrills. The semi finals were high energy, crashtastic, hot laps and with winner take all stakes the finals only saw more. More elbows. More wall rides. More sprint finishes. More washouts. More awesome. By this time the crowd was practically crawling on each other’s back so they can get just a little closer to the action. The final race was three riders up,  four laps, and more wipe outs than you can shake a stick at. Harley Henigson rolled in for the win. By no surprise to anyone Portland’s lady crusher, Nissy Cobb, took the W and the Coveted Jersey in the women’s category. Both won one of the Globe Daily, their Bern helmet, and all the other rider’s race entry fee.







Race photographs by Brenton Salo

You would think that was the end of it.  How else could the night get more rowdy? How could we possibly party more? Well, that is a question we often like to answer with our actions and those actions consist of a mountain of PBR and the face melting jams of the band, White Woman.The Subfloor Circuit was more than just a race, it was a night to remember and if you were there, you were one of the lucky ones.