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Apr 11, 2019

Mission Crit 2019: The Coveted Jersey Returns

Mission Crit 2019: The Coveted Jersey Returns

It’s that time of year again: race season. We’re kicking it off with a bang this year at one of our favorite crit races in the world – Mission Crit. First, on Friday evening we’ll be hosting the Shadow Elite Bikes W/T/F/Nonbinary Crit Chat & Social at our SF Hub + a ride after that! Then, on race day we’ll be at the Turn 1 Corner (Mariposa & 17th) during the race handing out high fives and previewing the return of the legendary Coveted Jersey.

Let’s kick it!

The Legendary Coveted Jersey

Since 2011, the Chrome Coveted Jersey has been the stuff of legend. Whether it’s an international crit qualifier or a tricycle race in the parking lot, we pick a select few races every year to bestow our Coveted Jerseys as prizes to the most bad ass racers out there.
Coveted Jerseys have been spotted from The Netherlands to Newark, from Malaysia to Minneapolis. Wherever they end up, there’s just one rule for the Coveted Jersey:

You Gotta Win It To Get In It

Coveted Jerseys can’t be bought, only won with blood, sweat, tears and maybe a few celebratory beers.

The 2019 Coveted Jersey

“The torch with arrows symbolizes the journey to reaching your goals and fulfillment. It’s not always easy to get there. But you will. The colorway matches the story of the journey—dark colors on the bottom fading to bright above the chest. The “light” leads your way out of the darkness.” – Heather MacKinnon (@heatherlynntattoo) Designer of the 2019 Coveted Jersey

About the Artist

Raised in Boston and currently residing in Seattle, Heather brings years of traditional tattooing experience and a passion for social justice like gender equality, sexual assault, and women’s rights. to her artwork. Although her main focus is on watercolor fine arts, Heather’s design work spans everything from digital to woodburning. Beyond art, Heather is an erstwhile bike messenger and mechanic at a non-profit bike shop in Seattle.

Want to see more pics of Coveted Jerseys? Check #CovetedJersey on Instagram.